Arrogant California progs discover a downside to their travel ban

They may have never heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences, but the leftists who run politics in California are convinced that they are custodians of superior virtue and wisdom, and that it is their duty to exploit the vast resources of the state to enlighten the rest of America (and all of humanity, for that matter).  When they saw troglodytes in other states ban people with penises from girls' bathrooms, they knew just how to cow the hicks into submission: ban travel by state employees to the renegade hinterlands clinging to bibles and guns.  That'll show 'em! The point man in the crusade against biology and religion is California A.G. Xavier Becerra, who "may become the face of the Trump 'resistance,'" according to NBC News. He recently showboated additions to the list of banned states. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the addition of Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota,...(Read Full Post)