America on DEFCON-4: Obama cashes in

You may rightfully assume that Barack Obama is working behind the scenes to undermine Trump and replace him with a bought-and-paid-for surrogate.  Why else do you think he receives – and accepts – such obscene speaking fees?  Those who pay the fees are the ones who want Trump forced from office.  They aren't paying just to be entertained.  Obama, like the Clintons before him, is just the greedy and self-serving lackey du jour.  Poor old Jimmy Carter.  At least he had principles you could respect.

The media hiked their hysteria up to DEFCON-4 this past week with "proof" that Donald J. Trump, Jr. colluded with the Russians back in 2016.  How did he collude? you might ask.  The answer is simple: he thought he might learn something about Hillary Clinton that the rest of the United States might want to know as well...on the level of WikiLeaks and homebrew servers.  Oh, the horror!  How dare someone be curious on behalf of his father?  But, alas, there was no there there – just a wayward conversation about adoption issues, about twenty minutes in length before the awkward apologies and exits.  It appears to have been a frame job.  I can't blame DJT Jr. for getting set up by the Clintons and their acolytes.  An election was at stake.  Subversives always have the initial advantage.  It's easier to blow up a bridge than to rebuild it.

The arc of the anti-Trump movement is nearing its peak.  The MSM's social justice warriors are hot and lathered, itching for the kill shot.  They query breathlessly, and relentlessly, whether Junior has committed an act in search of a crime.  And so the chant rises to an ever higher pitch: Russia, Russia, Russia...impale, impeach, exile...Trump's children...blah, blah, infinitum, ad nauseam.  We're now nine months and counting, still searching for the crime.  When will these people tire of vomiting down their own throats?

Be patient, folks.  This Muh Russia meme is starting to backfire bigly on Democrats and also on some Republicans.  Yes, you, John McCain, and your ilk on the Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees in both houses of Congress and on both sides of the aisle.  "D" and "R" should be replaced with "BPF" (bought and paid for).  The Russia meme is also backfiring on the Clintons and many in the Obama administration.  Their desperation is at a fever pitch.  Personally, I'm enjoying the show.

Bear in mind, however, that Washington works slowly.  Expect the fireworks to intensify before the sky lights up enough to reveal the lemmings running for cover down below.  Democrats have abandoned the middle ground.  They lurch farther and farther toward the abyss, compromised yet uncompromising.  Unrepentant, they throw Maxine Waters out there as their spokesperson for impeachment and Adam Schiff as their voice of reason.  The bus is headed their way.  The result won't be pretty.

By the way, anyone heard of Chuck Schumer these days?  Didn't think so.  He knows the bus schedule.

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