After Obamacare repeal collapses, Susan Collins caught trashing Trump

Susan Collins was schmoozing with Democrat Jack Reed, and someone picked up their conversation:

"I think he's crazy. I mean, I don't say that lightly and as a kind of a goofy guy," Reed said at one point, apparently referring to Trump.  The remark came after Collins expressed concern that the White House had drafted a budget that has "no thinking" and is "incredibly irresponsible."

Susan Collins was first elected in 1996.  Under her brilliant stewardship, debt has run up more than $15 trillion.  Jack Reed has been in Congress since 1991, and they have the nerve to call a budget that tries to control spending somewhat a budget with no thinking and irresponsible.

They have watched as the estimates for Obamacare have more than doubled, with no concern about how crazy and irresponsible that is.  I have never seen an actual vote on these massive cost overruns, so where did Obama get the money to pay for them?

They watched as Obama took over student loans to pretend to pay for Obamacare and just decided to forgive massive debts.  Not once did Collins or Reed care.

What we have are career politicians from both parties who, along with their staffs, lobbyists, and bureaucrats, have amassed a huge amount of power while running up huge debts to this and future generations.  They do not like an outsider who wants to reduce their power.  The media are supporting the insiders with all their might instead of going after the powerful.

We need to clean the swamp, and we need to start with term limits.

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