'A Better Deal'? Inside Chuckie Schumer's Jurassic head

After being panned for standing for nothing other than Hating Trump, Democrats are finally revealing their true face to the public through their new ''Better Deal" platform, to be revealed Monday.

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York let the cat out of the bag as to his party's detailed garage sale of beat-up old relics of the Democrats' failed past, anyway, and all one can say is, we hope shabby chic is finally over as a fashion trend.

"This is sharp, bold, and will appeal to both the old Obama coalition and the Democratic voters who deserted us for Trump," the New York senator said.

Here are some of his proposals:

"We're going to look at broader things [for the nation's health care system.] Single-payer is one of them," Schumer said to ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" Sunday.

In an op-ed in Monday's New York Times, Schumer revealed more dinosaur-style ideas:

We've already proposed creating jobs with a $1 trillion infrastructure plan; increasing workers' incomes by lifting the minimum wage to $15; and lowering household costs by providing paid family and sick leave.

Schumer also promised to "go after" Wall Street and set up a special police force to target pharmaceutical companies.

So let's unpack a few of these musty tchotchkes of yesteryear.

In the midst of the Charlie Gard horror going on in the U.K., Schumer declares that "single-payer" is right there up for import into the States.  Death panels, zero consideration for parents' wishes, and absolutely no medical innovation, let alone interest in medical innovation – those are the outcomes playing before the world's eyes as the sickening spectacle of Britain's National Health Service bureaucrats target an innocent baby for death and heap untold distress on his loving parents.  Single-payer?  Really?

Memo to Democrats: great timing for that one.  Je suis Charlie Gard.

Here's another relic from the past:

Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, without regard for the value created by the worker, and more importantly without the natural layoffs and work-hour cuts that follow.  Fifteen dollars an hour has been tried in places like Seattle, and artificially high non-market wages have been tried elsewhere, too, in places like San Francisco.  These are one-party state Democratic strongholds.  Is life better in those places?  Not in the least.  Layoffs, cut hours, and automation have been the result there, devastating San Francisco's famed restaurant industry as well as many promising startups in Seattle.  Democrats now plan to import that failed been-there-done-that model to the entire U.S. to ensure that Seattle-style ruin rains down in already distressed areas of the states and nobody gets hired.

Worker retraining?  We heard all about that during the Democrats' outrageous effort to halt the Colombia free trade pact during the Obama years.  We also learned that there were dozens of these programs overlapping each other – and not a one led to better jobs to workers.

Oh, but there's infrastructure, Schumer says.  Where have we heard that?  Hint: shovel-ready jobs.  We all know how that one turned out during the early Obama years.

Speaking of the Obama years, which is what Democrats want to bring back, Schumer waxes happy about a new Democrat scheme to target and attack Wall Street.  We imagine that the SEIU ATM attackers are getting ready to flood the lobbies of New York banks as consumers try to get their paychecks cashed.  And the SEIU buses are loading up to target bankers' houses and harass their underage children.  That'll teach Wall Street!  And we imagine that Wall Street would never grow more powerful, as it did under Obama, with retiring Obama officials, including Obama himself and Hillary Clinton, marching into the Goldman Sachs offices to make dinky speeches with "alternative positions," or whatever it was that Clinton called it, and collect six-figure check after six-figure check.  Thus far, this is what we know Democrats mean by "going after Wall Street."  Ka-ching!

Then there's law enforcement.  Big government-lovers love expanding the size of government, especially of the coercive organs, such as police.  But not police to protect the public from street thugs – no, that might offend special-interest NGOs – but targeting the innovators, the same people the NHS has a thing against (see above).  Schumer is proposing to set up special police forces to pin things on Big Pharma, blissfully ignoring that Big Pharma can either fight back or else go Galt.  There is no solution to an innovator who no longer wants to innovate that a Democrat can order up.  Because of a few repulsive leftists such as Martin Shkreli and big-time Hillary Clinton donor, accused Medicare fraudster, and politically connected Democrat stalwart Heather Bresch, both of whom did use their monopolies on drugs to jack up prices and profiteer on the rent-seeking model, as Democrats like to do, now all of Big Pharma has to suffer.

It's an amazing array of old ideas that act as if the Obama era never happened, as if Obama never governed as heavy-handedly as he did, and the Trump reaction never was the result.  Schumer claims that Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for their loss debacle in 2016, but he doesn't believe it – he just keeps pushing the same old failed policies. 

The economic plan is "just the beginning," Schumer told Stephanopoulos.  "Week after week, month after month, we're going to roll out specific pieces here that are quite different than the Democratic Party you heard in the past."

Nope, not different.  Just older dinosaur fodder.  After eight years of Obama, the public would probably remember this.

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