Why kids can't think

Even though manipulated computer models and predictions of global warming or climate change have been demonstrated to be completely inaccurate, children are taught almost from the womb that the science is settled and that anyone who questions the agenda is stupid and shouldn't be listened to.  No wonder they don't ask any questions.

Kids are also indoctrinated to believe that anyone who wants to require photo IDs to vote is trying to oppress the vote and is a racist.  I wonder why the kids won't question the professor as to why those same people who can't get photo IDs are required to have them for so many other things by the government.

The kids are taught that sanctuary cities are good and that people who want to enforce the borders are anti-immigrant, racists, and xenophobes who want to harm women and children who just want to improve their lives.  They should be taught that the U.S is a nation of laws, that politicians should uphold their oath to enforce the laws, and that nations are not nations without borders and laws.

Students are repeatedly taught that capitalism and profits are bad, corporations are greedy, and the rich don't pay their fair share.  They are taught that government is a benevolent entity that helps the poor.  They should be taught that capitalism is what caused the United States to lift people up and that socialism destroys countries and holds people down, such as in Venezuela, Cuba, and the Soviet Union.

They are rarely taught that the main reason for terrorism is that they want to destroy our way of life.  It is not because of climate change, poverty, or lack of education.  The leaders of terrorist organizations are idealists.

Colleges are almost wholly staffed by liberals with a few conservatives sprinkled in.  Conservatives have been blocked frequently from speaking on campus.  That is intentionally keeping alternative views from the students.

The reason students, Democrats, and most reporters don't seem to have any critical thinking ability is because they have been taught that to get along, they must go along.

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