Who knew journalists were just snowflakes?

The hysterical meltdown of our mainstream journalists is as amusing as it is pathetic.  These are the people who for a year or more defended those opposed to Trump exercising their First Amendment right to say anything, no matter how crude or profane.  These same journalists have continued to defend the rights of protesters to rage against the Trump machine, even when they become violent.  Did the threatening, murderous words of the left cause, for example, the shooting in Alexandria?  Of course not.  That was just a crazy guy, and Scalise sort of deserved it anyway.  That's their angle, and they're sticking to it.  Trump and his supporters are really vile people, so anything goes, the Constitution be damned.

But turn the verbal tables, and the same journalists are suddenly craven cowards.  When they get caught over and over again peddling their fake stories, unnamed sources, and unsourced classified leaks, these same folks dissolve like the Wicked Witch when a bucket of water landed on her.  They are crying like the babies they are.  They make campus snowflakes look grown up.  Suddenly, they are afraid that they may be targets of violence!  They claim that Trump is putting them in danger!

Since the day Trump announced his candidacy, these media people have been doing everything in their power, including making things up, to take him down.  They cannot accept the fact that they failed in their endeavor, so they have doubled down on stupid.  Their fury has overtaken any talent or ethics they may have once had.  They are like mad hatters, so accustomed to manipulating how the American people think and vote that they have suffered a psychic break at Trump's push-back and at being caught lying and cheating.

Jeffrey Goldberg, editor at The Atlantic, fears that Trump's rhetoric is "going to be responsible for violence against reporters."  Is that not hilarious?  The left's constant anti-Trump vitriol has nothing to do with those thugs who act out, paid or not; cover their faces; and beat on anyone they think might be a Trump supporter, but Trump calling them out for fakery is a threat to their well-being!  Clarissa Ward at CNN fears the same.  Brian Karem, who no one ever heard of, is enjoying his fifteen minutes of infamy for snapping at the wonderfully unflappable Sarah Sanders.  He claimed he is sick of being bullied!  Snowflake alert!  He's a reporter at a W.H. briefing, and he can't take not being on camera.

Jim Acosta at CNN has provided the behavior most preposterous and laughable.  So distraught is he when the W.H. press briefings are not televised, he seems on the verge of tears each time he does appear on screen to complain.  The Twitter responses to his act are clever and nail this self-absorbed, ego-inflated jerk to the wall.

This bunch of ninnies who so over-value themselves for "reporting" the news have revealed themselves to be nothing but a bunch of elitist know-nothings.  Ben Rhodes, pretty much a know-nothing himself, was right about one thing when he said, "The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns.  That's a sea change.  They literally know nothing."  Sadly, many of those behaving badly at this moment in time are well over 27 years old.  But like the Mad Hatter, they are stuck in time – the past before social media.  Never in their wildest dreams did they believe there were so many conservatives out there in flyover country.

Acosta, Karem, Ward, etc., like all the anti-Trump on-screen hosts – Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, John Dickerson, George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams, the ridiculous Joe Scarborough, Rachel Maddow, etc., are all of a piece.  They are used to getting their way, to successfully molding public opinion of much of the population.  Even though that train left the station years ago during the Bush administration, these journo-club troops are just catching on that their "terms of office" as sly but effective indoctrinators of public opinion are over.  So outraged by Trump's electoral win, they have given up on their earlier slightly more subtle tactics and have descended into the finger-paint, coloring-book level of engagement with others.  They are in need of a safe space.  Because Trump eschews the normal rules of Beltway manners, pushes back, and calls them out when they lie and make things up, they are suffering a crisis of identity.  They are not who they thought themselves to be.  They are just hacks, twittering away at the God that Failed.