Watch fake news created by CNN to confirm narrative of 'good Muslims'

Whenever Muslims act out the violence against infidels that Islamic scripture requires, the left-wing media swing into action to create and reinforce a contrasting narrative: that most Muslims condemn and fight such attacks.  Never mind that the terrorists could not unleash their violence if the Muslim communities in which they live agreed with the media narrative.  They would be spotted and turned in to authorities by their co-religionists if the fantasy narrative of "good Muslims" rejecting violence and insisting that their "great religion" is truly beneficent for the world, including its non-Muslim majority.

Because the actual facts on the ground do not support the benign view of Muslims as overwhelmingly hostile to terrorists and committed to peaceful coexistence, it is necessary to create (not simply report) events that confirm the media narrative.  CNN has just been caught creating a fake news event to support its narrative, and its efforts were rewarded with pick-ups by the BBC and the AP, among others.

In this two-minute video, CNN puts together a handful of people, carrying pre-printed signs (no spontaneity involved), and arranges them before the camera to look like a substantial crowd.  The elevated stage is a nice touch, confirming the professional expertise brought to bear in prepping this scene for the cameras.


If you don't have time to watch, Sundance of Conservative Treehouse explains what you would see:

[Y]ou see British Media, together with CNNi correspondent Becky Anderson, with full support from British Law Enforcement, carefully staging a backdrop for media broadcast in the aftermath of the latest terrorist attack in London.  The intent of the scripted propaganda is clearly to create a counter storyline and reduce backlash against the political policies of the British government.  CNNi taking the lead creating a false narrative for domestic consumption by the UK media audience.

The production staff go above and beyond by carefully positioning a group of women and children they call "Muslim Mothers" complete with signs showing Muslim support for the UK electorate.   Additionally, the staff place flowers and teddy bears at the feet of the women to create the best optics for the broadcast.

The broadcast journalist then begins introducing the "discovery" by describing what they "found" as a "poignant scene" etc.   "What we want to show you now viewers, is a wonderful scene. These are Muslim Mums…"

You really must watch how the manufactured scene is described.  A few of those who watched the entire creating of the media production begin to laugh in the background.

Here is the broadcast report of the CNN correspondent, Becky Anderson (hat tip: Gateway Pundit):

It appears that the fraud was spotted by Mark Dice, who was on scene.  Below, he narrates a discussion of this video:

He also tweeted out that as part of the staging, white police officers were removed and replaced by "Asians" (which is a British euphemism to avoid the words "Pakistani" and "Bangladeshi"), who then left once the filming was done.  He also noted that the BBC was there, but it was unclear if they showed any footage.  It turns out they did, and Katie Hopkins is on the case:

The Associated Press also signed on to the fake news project and added some colorful verbiage about "brings out the best" – which actually implies that without media puppeteers, the rest of us would be left with the actual reality of the Muslims in London, which would not be demonstrations like this.

This famous scene from Seinfeld is oddly appropriate: