Update: GOP congressman shot

Roughly two hours before this blog is being written, a gunman fired a reported 50 rounds or more at a group of GOP members of Congress practicing for a charity baseball game.  Representative Steve Scalise (R-La.), the majority whip (number three in GOP House hierarchy), was shot, as were two members of the Capitol Police guard assigned to Rep. Scalise.  Had Rep. Scalise not been there along with his guards, everyone could have been slaughtered. [Update: Initial reports that Rep. Roger Williams was also shot were incorrect.

Rep. Steve Scalise




We pray for the full recovery of all victims.

Naturally, details are sketchy, and because it is often the case that the early facts reported about an event of this sort are usually in error, we must await further information before knowing whether or not this was an assassination attempt to take out allies of President Trump, or something else, including a random nutter.

It was approximately two hours after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Tucson, Ariz. by Jared Loughner, an insane man, that the left media began a campaign against the "climate of hate" allegedly fostered by, in particular, Sarah Palin.  Remember the crosshairs on a map of districts targeted for GOP wins?

With the cultural grandees of New York indulging in theatrical renditions of President Trump being bloodily stabbed, there is certainly a climate of hate now.  It is time for a little reflection on their part.  If it turns out that the shooter was inspired by the political hate of the left, this could be a turning point in the national mood.  

But it is very, very early in the story, and we should prepare for false information being discarded and more accurate information coming.