Trump poised to soar in the polls, IBD's market chartheads say

The green eyeshades economics crew at Investor's Business Daily has taken a look at a new IBD/TIPP poll and found a pattern based on time patterns seen earlier.  What did it find?

President Trump could be in for some winning – so much winning that he might get tired of winning.

The poll shows that while President Trump's overall poll approval is now low at 37%, economic optimism as he cures the economy and growth returns is up.  The superimposition of the charts on one another shows that when the economy goes up, the president's polls do, too.  There's a fairly good rough correlation, just as there are similar ones often applied to elections.  That's where the suggestion that Trump is in for a ride upward in the polls comes from. 

Take a gander:

As the economy rises, so does Trump.  And, well, it is rising.

Here's the other interesting thing.  There's quite a strong likelihood that Trump understands this.  His already moving plans for economic growth are rooting into place, and as the antithesis to socialism, they succeed every time they are tried.

It calls to mind that President Trump recognizes that we need a good economy.  This stands in stark contrast to President Obama, who never got it through his head that we needed a good economy, too.  He thought those things grew on trees.  Or more to the reality of it, he just didn't need a good economy for himself and his minions – their plum perk jobs were their good economy, and the same could said of his supporters.  After all, if you are a government bureaucrat, you are impervious to the public's fortunes.  If you are an aid recipient, you probably don't care about a good economy, either, except if you wish to get back into the workforce.  If you are a public employee union leader, you don't care about a good economy, either.  Good economies for you come from political donations.

But if you are a working, producing, struggling voter, particularly in the private sector, yes, you do need a good economy.  You need jobs, access to health care, decent roads to commute over, tax breaks, the works.  Hence the importance of the economy's direction seen in the economic optimism index.

Obama never understood this simple need for a good economy.  He thought just...himself...was sufficient for the voters' adoration.  Unlike him, Trump knows that the key to good polls is a good economy, and that is something that must be worked for.  Unlike the congenitally lazy Obama, Trump's doing the work.

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