Trump criticized for failing to celebrate Gay Sex Month

Did you know that June is Gay Pride month? It means we are supposed to celebrate all forms of gay sex--men on men, women on women, all of the above on none of the above, and so on. But President Trump refuses to get with the program, failing to issue a proclamation declaring June as America's month of gay sex.

President Donald Trump has yet to issue a proclamation for Pride Month, breaking a recent tradition that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender advocacy groups call “deeply disappointing” but not entirely surprising.

June is historically recognized as LGBT Pride Month. Former President Barack Obama issued a federal proclamation every year dating back to 2011, according to White House archives.

This is clearly a violation of President Trump's promise to "Make America Gay Again," so it is understandable why some people are disappointed. How can gay people enjoy sex without the explicit stamp of approval of the federal government? Not to worry, because the Department of Defense still has its eye on the ball (or balls?)

So far this year, the Pentagon office has released materials for Black History Month, Women’s History Month and Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Despite the lack of an official announcement, military installations around the world are hosting events in honor of Pride Month, according to a list compiled by the American Military Partner Association. The Pentagon will hold its pride celebration on June 12. The Navy put out a service-specific message on Wednesday announcing the start of Pride Month and the Air Force has issued its own poster, according to Matt Thorn, the executive director of OutServe-SLDN, an advocacy group for LGBT troops and veterans.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that gay groups don't merely want tolerance, but actual approval and promotion of their form of sex.

But even if President Trump won't celebrate gay sex month, we can do it here. That's why below you'll find photos from gay pride celebrations all over America. These are photos from the HuffPo that supporters of gay rights feel put LGBT people in a positive light:


Miss Trans New England



Exit questions:

1) What are non-gay people supposed to do during a month dedicated to celebrating gay sex?

2) Do you think President Trump has turned his back on the gay community?

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