Trump assassination play interrupted by protesters

A protest against the Shakespeare in the Park production of "Julius Caesar," which depicts the assassination of President Trump was interrupted by two protesters who work for the website Rebel Media.  The protest was streamed live on social media.

Laura Loomer was first to hit the stage.  She screamed, "Stop leftist violence" before being drowned out by booing members of the audience.  She was hustled offstage.  The New York Post reports that she was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

After Loomer was taken away, Jack Posobiec, also of Rebel Media, who recorded the whole thing, began to shout, "You are all Nazis" before he, too, was dragged off by security people.


— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) June 17, 2017

Notice anything left out by the Post in their reporting on the incident?

As she interrupted the play, fellow blogger and conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec filmed the disturbance while screaming "Goebbels would be proud" at the audience.

Police said the woman was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.

The duo apparently staged a protest because they were upset that the classic Shakespeare play depicts a US president similar to Donald Trump as Julius Caesar.

The Post refused to give the real reason for the protest.  The Rebel Media writers weren't upset so much that Trump was being parodied.  They were upset for the obvious reason that Caesar is assassinated.  If they had depicted Trump as Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night, no one would give a hoot. Funny how the Post forgot to mention the proximate cause of the protest.

The transgression against civil society and common decency in depicting the assassination of a sitting president is serious enough to warrant this type of protest.  No one connected with that show can hold their head up after disgracing the American theater with this blatantly un-American, fascist, anti-liberal display of hate for the president.

Goodness knows you can oppose Donald Trump without resorting to wishing for (encouraging?) his death.  This is the sort of propaganda that the notorious anti-Semite Julius Streicher published in his daily newspaper, Der Stürmer.  The anti-Jewish propaganda published by Streicher and the Nazi party encouraged ordinary people to kill Jews.  I fail to see the difference between that and what the Shakespeare in the Park production is trying to accomplish.

The tremendous irony is this: the more the left's hysteria about Trump gets out of control the more likely his re-election.  The vast majority of voters do not see Donald Trump as Hitler, nor do they see him as a threat to American liberty.  And if the Democrats nominate a candidate who expresses the same hatred of Donald Trump shown by their far-left base, the president will win in a landslide.

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