Time to end political correctness...on the right

Over the past few days, the Western world has witnessed a serious of deadly terrorist attacks, most of which were carried out by Muslim refugees.  Whether in London, Paris, or Sydney, the attacks focused on soft targets and were carried out during the Muslim month of Ramadan, a month characterized by an increase in terror attacks.  As in the past, the response of the Western world was not strong enough.

From the outset, it must be stated that terrorism is not always avoidable.  There will always be evil, violent people in every country.  Having said that, as has been suggested by President Trump, the time for a moratorium on immigration coming out of Islamic war zones and terrorist-supporting countries has come.  It is simply common sense that a society will be safer from terrorism if the population most likely to commit terrorist attacks – that is, those from the Islamic world – is kept out.

Terrorist groups have said they would infiltrate the refugee population, and they have.  At least two of the London attackers, for example, were Muslim refugees.  The Boston bombers and at least some of the attackers in Europe were as well.

Contrary to mainstream media and left-wing talking points, Muslims in Libya are not entitled to constitutional rights, and they certainly have no inherent right to immigrate to the U.S.  Immigrating to the USA is and should be a privilege, and too many Muslim immigrants or refugees in Europe and America have abused that privilege.

Of course, not all Muslim refugees wish the USA harm, but for the safety of the American people, at the very least, a pause of immigration from terror and war-ridden countries in the Islamic world is in order, and long overdue.

For too many on the left, this commonsense suggestion is greeted with name-calling and terms like "unconstitutional."  Sadly, many on the right have embraced this as well.  Instead of defending the president's executive order on immigration and recognizing the perils of open borders to Western civilization, many on the establishment right focus on either the need to work with moderate Muslims or the need to project further military engagement in the Middle East.

We have seen the failure of those strategies for far too long.  Nation-building in the Islamic world does not stop terrorism, and simply working with moderate Muslims has not prevented their violent brethren from attacking America.  Despite the U.S.-led intervention on a primarily Muslim community on Yugoslavia's behalf and the overthrow of the brutal Taliban, the Islamic world overwhelmingly remains a dangerous place.  America cannot transform other countries and cultures, but it certainly has the right to keep those countries' inhabitants out of America.

Some on the right have sought to distance themselves from the president's executive order as well as organizations like ACT for America, which seek to protect the West from Islamic infiltration.  The politically incorrect truth is that the best way to protect from terror is to limit immigration to America and halt all immigration and student visas from Islamic war zones like Libya, Syria, Iraq, and others.  The first obligation of the president and elected officials is to the American people, not to the Arab world.  Those conservatives who wish to deny this in order to win favor with the media and the liberal establishment will find that it will not do the trick and will instead continue to put Western civilization and American lives in peril.