Their Silence is Deafening

Thanks solely to God’s Grace, America narrowly avoided a mass political assassination.  One can argue about the degree of culpability, but it is undisputable that the Democrat “Resistance”, and its ongoing campaign of political intimidation and violence, was the major contributing factor behind the attack.  For nearly a year, the Trump administration has been under investigation for a myriad of ever-evolving accusations; to date not one scintilla of evidence has been discovered of any crime committed by the President.  Yet the cries of “Traitor Trump!” and “Impeach 45!” and “Blood in the Streets!” continue unabated from the Democrats while their campaign volunteers morph into black-masked thugs assaulting peaceful assemblies of citizens and mutate into political assassins targeting the opposition party.

Finally, the near entirety of our elected officials and political class have spoken out against the latest violence, albeit with varying degrees of conviction.  After all, it did take an attempted assassination of members of Congress to get them to speak out at all; mere citizens being beaten with bike locks for exercising their constitutional rights of speech and assembly…meh.  Yet even after a mass assassination attempt, there are two politicians who remain conspicuously silent – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  These two leaders of the “Resistance” could easily defuse the current situation.  They could publicly accept the results of the election and acknowledge the “Russia” investigation is a fabricated dead-end – Donald Trump is the duly elected President and there is no “there” there.  A joint Obama-Clinton televised statement accepting the election as valid and acknowledging the investigation as a political witch hunt would immediately remove the heat from the boil that America has become.

Yet Obama and Clinton both remain silent.  No statement condemning the worsening political violence of the “Resistance” despite not one shred of evidence that its founding principle -- that Trump is a Russian stooge who stole Hillary’s election with Putin’s help -- is comprised of anything more than bong smoke.  It is clear to all but the most extreme fringe that there is no act, no conduct, no crime committed by Trump that will overturn the election and hand the Presidency to the Democrats.  One would also hope that neither Obama nor Clinton so hate and despise this country that they want it destroyed out of spite for their loss.  So why no statement from Clinton or Obama condemning their “Resistance” as it has so completely spun out of control into insanity?

While nearly a year of FBI, Senate, and House investigations have uncovered exactly zero, zilch, nada evidence of any conduct by Trump that is even remotely illegal, some evidence has been discovered.  Evidence that the Obama administration may have abused its power and used the national security apparatus to spy on the Trump campaign.  Evidence that the Obama Justice Department likely put its thumb on the scale to end the Clinton email investigation.  Evidence of preferential treatment by Secretary of State Clinton to Clinton Foundation donors.  Evidence that Clinton likely benefitted financially from Russian entities in exchange for favorable treatment by the U.S. government while she was Secretary of State.

Indeed, mounting evidence of collusion, corruption, obstruction, and abuse of power is slowly being discovered, yet Trump is not the culprit.  Obama and Clinton are.  Evidence now points directly at Obama, Clinton, and the leadership of the Democrat Party as the guilty ones.  Guilty of colluding with the Russian government for financial gain to the detriment of America’s security; Clinton approved the sale of 20% of our uranium reserves to the Russians in exchange for millions in donations to the Clinton Foundation.  Guilty of corruption for selling access to the Secretary of State to Clinton Foundation donors; anyone who would not “pay to play” for an audience went to the back of a very long and very slow line.  Guilty of obstructing justice to stop the Clinton email “matter” in its tracks; it is hard to win an election when your party’s candidate for President is under indictment for intentionally exposing America’s secrets and threatening its security.  Guilty of abusing the power of the Office of President to spy on political opposition; after all, Clinton was a shoe-in to win so who would ever know Obama committed an act of domestic spying that makes Watergate look like a bad fourth-grade class play.

So why are Clinton and Obama silent?  Why have they not openly accepted the results of the election and called for a halt to the endless investigations of nothing?  Why have they not called off the “Resistance” to spare our nation and its citizens from its baseless and senseless violence?  Why not?  Because Obama and Clinton are the ones who are guilty of collusion, corruption, obstruction, and abuse of power.  Because Obama and Clinton are the ones who are traitors to their country, engaged in open and violent acts of sedition.  Because Obama and Clinton, when they no longer control an army of brown-shirts, goons, and assassins that constitute a credible threat of violence, will be the ones arrested and prosecuted for their crimes to the full extent of the law.  And that is why Obama and Clinton stay silent and let the “Resistance” march onwards to its horrible and grotesque conclusion.