The Washington Post fails to recognize what Israel's Six-Day War was really about

In "The 50-Years War" (06/04/17), the Washington Post describes, in five full pages, in a special issue, the historic Six-Day War of 1967 and its aftermath.  The author, Dan Ephron, states that the Six-Day War was a "military campaign that brought the West Bank under Israeli control."  The article further refers to the war in the sub-headline as "the battle to capture territory."

All of this is bunk.  It was a war for Israel's survival.  It was one of the greatest victories in history of a tiny country against massive odds.

Israel defeated Egypt, Syria, and Jordan – all of its surrounding countries other than Lebanon.  Israel's enemies had been all set to pounce – the U.N. forces in the Sinai to separate Egypt from Israel had been kicked out by Egypt.  Arab leaders were all calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.  But what happened?  After Egypt started the war with the blockage of the Straits of Tiran (in itself an international act of war), Israel launched a pre-emptive strike to destroy the Egyptian air force in one fell swoop and then the rest of the surrounding armies in just six days.  It was a miracle of unparalleled proportions!

But how does the Washington Post report it?  It took five full pages to describe a war it says was all about the conquering of land by Israel – the West Bank.  This acquisition of land wouldn't have happened if the Jordanians had abided by their agreement with Israel to stay out of the war.  They instead shelled Israel with 7,000 rockets and were defeated, with the final triumph for Israel being the house-to-house battle for the historic old city of Jerusalem.  With this victory, Israel won its holiest sites and opened the old city to all religions, quite unlike the earlier era, when it was under Arab control.

The Washington Post missed reporting on Israel's great victory against tremendous odds, which, had Israel lost, would have ended in catastrophe for the Jewish people and state – the clear aim of the Arab aggressors.  Why is the Post so incessantly blind to its own bias?

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