The reptilian visage of the American left


"High office is like a pyramid; only two kinds of animals reach the summit – reptiles and eagles."  –Jean le Rond d'Alembert

It took the election of Donald Trump for the progressives to unmask themselves, to reveal their true identities, just like the sinister aliens in that old television mini-series V: The Final Battle.  In the series, having disguised themselves as humans, the aliens are ultimately shown to be reptiles from another planet who came to take over Earth.  Over the years, they had infiltrated governments, businesses, and religious institutions.  The actual humans finally develop a poison that afflicts only the aliens, rather as Trump afflicts Democrats.  It is dispersed, and the aliens are forced to evacuate. 

Those reptilian humanoid aliens are a pretty good analogy for our current crop of progressives.  How else  do we explain the inhumanity of people like now former anchor Scott Pelley of CBS, who opined to his audience that "the [House majority leader, Steve] Scalise attack was to some degree self-inflicted"?  Joy Reid of MSNBC wondered if Scalise's positions on "moral issues" like gay marriage and Obamacare did not make his shooting somehow understandable!  She later tweeted that Scalise "was a white man with a violent background [a blatant lie], and saved by a black lesbian, and yet..."  She could not bring herself to congratulate those two Capitol Police officers.

At whose knees did these people learn to not be civilized adults?  Certainly no one ever taught them the Golden Rule: kindness to others, simple consideration for their fellow humans at times of pain.  Even if they differ on political issues.

A Democratic Party strategist from New Jersey, James Devine, almost immediately after the shooting, launched a couple of hashtags, #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen!  He appeared on the Tucker Carlson program to defend his scurrilous behavior to no avail.  He had tweeted: "We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people. Why is it a shock when things turn violent?" 

The man is a reptile.

A writer at the Washington Post, Malcolm Harris, tweeted that "the shooting of conservative Republicans could be justified."  He implied that he hoped Scalise would die!  His actual tweet is beyond the pale.  The New York Times embarrassed itself by dredging up the lie that Sarah Palin was responsible for the Gabby Giffords shooting in Tuscon in 2011 because of an ad showing targeted districts in the crosshairs of a gun sight, an ad not even created by her campaign.  The charge was disproven long ago.  Jared Loughner, the schizophrenic who shot Giffords, had never heard of Palin and had been angry at Giffords for years.  The Times knew that the charge was specious but used it anyway in its post-shooting editorial.  Like the rest of the media talking heads and self-described elite opinion editors, they continue to believe that the American people are terminally stupid.  Why anyone reads this propaganda rag is a mystery.  There is rarely an objective word among the paper's full-time anti-Trump campaign. 

The Scalise example isn't the only one.  After the young man, Otto Warmbier, was imprisoned in North Korea and sentenced to fifteen years' hard labor, former late-night comic Larry Wilmore said the young man "might be America's biggest idiot frat boy," a  despicable slander against a young man who was described by eyewitnesses as "mature and polite."  Then he mocked Warmbier's name for sounding like "warm beer."  He called him "Otto von Crybaby.  This is a man so ignorant of the facts about the North Korean regime, he actually thinks his mockery is funny.  Writers at Salon and the Huffington Post also attacked Warmbier.  The HuffPost said he deserved to be imprisoned because he's white.

Who are these vile, thoughtless, cruel people, and how did they come to infect our politics and media?

Albert Einstein wrote: "If the rabble continues to occupy itself with you, then simply don't read that hogwash, but rather leave it for the reptile from whom it has been fabricated." 

This who they are.  It is time for decent people to reject the vicious nonsense perpetrated by the left on a daily basis.  The agony they are suffering since the election is self-inflicted.  One cannot treat the majority of the American people like insects to be swatted away except at election time and expect to win respect or elections.  The repulsive things said and or written in the wake of the Alexandria shooting by the persons cited above are just a few, those that came from news outlets.  Much worse appeared all over social media, which is consistent with the left's venomous rejection of the election results.  Time to take Einstein's advice and not listen to or read their hogwash.  With each passing day, Trump is seeming more and more like an eagle.

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