The Obamas' never-ending vacation: Tropical Bali edition

As Obama once suggested: At some point, how much before you've had enough?

Well he's showing for us, that for Obamaville, there's nothing that's ever enough.

Taking what must be something like his tenth post-presidential vacation (while Valerie Jarrett mans the Deep State fort back in Kalorama), because Palm Springs, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Tahiti, Italy, Germany, (and probably some others) just weren't enough, he, Michelle and the kids blew into the leafy green center of Bali, the highland town of Ubud, home of all the lush pretty tropical cultural stuff the island is known for. He can see glittery dancing at the ancient temples on a lark, or plunk down for umbrella-topped mixed drinks around a water-lily-encircled bar bumping into Sukarno's widow (or at least I did), go to the art galleries with their tropical offerings intended to appeal to well-heeled tourists, or else luxuriate in massages and dine on some of the most magnificent cuisine in the region,feasting around reflecting pools that plunge down green jungle cliffs and overlook glittering rice paddies and volcanos.

Lush, lush, lush.

It's not the hardscrabble life many Balinese live with hawker stalls, unpaved roads, rickshaws, flea markets and petty bureaucrats with their hands out, nor the illegals the Balinese are disgusted to have to put up with from other islands, with their pushy un-Balinese ways and desperate scrounging. Obama is not exactly going the place to 'help' any of those people, actually. No, since he relaxed so hard earlier, he needs to take a break and ... relax again.

It stands in stark contrast to his spin upon leaving office - that he would focus on mentoring the inner city black youth and tend to the high school education of his daughter Sasha (who at least was allowed on the trip this time.) And it's quite a change from his claim that "at some point, you've had enough.' We guess he hasn't.

In reality, he's doing to the max what many retired politicians and other operatives do - getting the whole trip paid for and the tax deductions in place by claiming the visit is a business trip - based on giving a token speech - in his case, in nearby Jakarta to the Indonesian diaspora (a group he has never cared about until now), taking a fat payout, and then writing the whole thing off. Oftentimes, such visits are disguised bribes for some favor rendered, but in this case, Obama never did jack for Indonesia nor did he show any interest in the place while he was in office.

All we are seeing now is the sybarite in him, the lazy, money and luxury loving leader who claims to be a Democrat with interests in the Little Guy. Turns out the only Little Guy he's really interested in is himself.


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