The left's war on patriots and traditional America

Yesterday, the left's war on the Western world, the USA, and our democracy claimed casualties.  What 'til now had been confined to leaks aimed at undermining our government, shutting down freedom of speech on college campuses, and violently squelching any speech leftists don't like has now left people injured, with the House majority whip in critical condition.

The man who engaged in a leftist terrorist attack was a known leftist who, like much of the liberal establishment, hated the president and the Republican Party.  This man, it appears, was radicalized by the far left and its fan club in the mainstream media and high culture.

This war on Americans and their fairly elected representatives is not new.  The daily calls for impeachment, the constant undermining of the legitimacy of this democratically elected president, and violent rhetoric from celebrities have been going on since day one of the current administration.  The people Hillary Clinton called deplorable have been vilified along with a president dedicated to taking on the elite establishment.  The elite internationalists have more respect for the U.N. than for rural Pennsylvania and more respect for NAFTA and climate change accords than for the voice of conservative American people.

This hate and disdain for everything this president and his supporters represent shows a division in what a brighter future for America looks like.

The leftists believe that our borders should be open and that illegal aliens should not be sent home.  They believe that multiculturalism is always good and that America has a lot to apologize for.  The left and its antifa, Black Lives Matter, and stooges in the mainstream media would like to drown out the opinions of the rest of America.

Despite the intimidation, condescension, and occasional violence from the left, patriots should continue to elect representatives who stand for this country's values.  We should stand with the president in supporting his travel ban, a wall with Mexico, and our troops.

What happened yesterday was tragic.  The very values of this republic were under attack.  This domestic terrorist sought to inflict damage on the agenda of the president and the Republican Party.  Our elected officials should not let him win; they should continue to pursue the agenda they were sent to Washington to pursue.  By doing this, we can really together and live out the slogan of this president's campaign: "Make America Great Again."

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