The Great Unmasking continues: Professor claims Otto Warmbier ‘got exactly what he deserved’

People often reveal their true character under stress, and face it, progressives as a group are totally stressed out because what passes for the proletariat in 21st century America has handed power to Donald Trump, a man who holds in their political and cultural delusions in contempt. The result is what I am calling “The Great Unmasking,” as progressives in positions of varying prominence (from A list Hollywood stars to untenured faculty at lesser institutions of higher learning) show their inner ugliness to the rest of us.

The latest example comes from an adjunct (meaning, temporary, not on a tenure track) professor at the University of Delaware. Rob Tornoe writes at

An adjunct professor at the University of Delaware is under fire for posting on Facebook that Otto Warmbier, an American taken into custody in North Korea who later ended up in a coma and died, “got exactly what he deserved.”

Kathy Dettwyler, a 62-year-old professor in the anthropology department, wrote in the now-removed Facebook post that the 22-year-old was “typical of a mindset of a lot of the young, white, rich, clueless males who come into my classes.”

Screen grab of Facebook post by National Review

“These are the same kids who cry about their grades because they didn’t think they’d really have to read and study the material to get a good grade,” Dettwyler wrote. “His parents ultimately are to blame for his growing up thinking he could get away with whatever he wanted. Maybe in the US, where young, white, rich, clueless white males routinely get away with raping women. Not so much in North Korea. And of course, it’s Ottos’ parents who will pay the price for the rest of their lives.”

Professor Dettwyler does not, so far as I know, have any personal knowledge of the childhood of the late Otto Warmbier.  She seems to be projecting a lot of her anger at her own students upon poor Otto, whose apparent affluence and race appear to bother her a lot.

“typical of a mindset of a lot of the young, white, rich, clueless males who come into my classes…. white males [who] routinely get away with raping women.”

If I were a young white male enrolled at the state university of the Great State of Delaware, I would feel serious anxiety at the prospect of being graded by Dettwyler, who seems to judge me on class and racial characteristics before I even turn in my first paper or open y mouth in class.  I do not see how she can continue to teach white males with the necessary detachment the professorial role demands. She is a bigot in my humble opinion.

And at the bottom of her hole, she keeps digging:

Dettwyler did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In a comment on the National Review website, she attempted to explain her Facebook post, noting that she loved the “hard-working, sincere, non-arrogant college students” who attended her classes.

“If you knew some of these kids, you’d be appalled,” Dettwyler wrote. “They think nothing of raping drunk girls at frat parties and snorting cocaine, cheating on exams, and threatening professors with physical violence.”

Of course, she does not seem to recognize her own ethnic stereotyping, which is why she should not be teaching, especially at a public university, in my opinion.

Adjunct faculty positions typically are subject to renewal (or not) annually. Professor Dettwyler has offered a lot more data to her department about her teaching capacity than she might have realized.