Nunes: 'Stop chasing Russian ghosts around the closet'

Is there any better way to classify the nonstop brouhaha in Washington about President Trump's supposed collusion with the Russians in 2016 than to call it for the chimera it is?

Thank goodness one of them in Congress has done it, then.

Rep. Devin Nunes of California characterized the idiocy just as it should have been from the start by warning the politicos to "stop chasing Russian ghosts around the closet."

It's a heckuva welcome reality check, given all the flapdoodle going on in the Beltway.

This calls to mind two things: that Nunes is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and that by any partisan or nonpartisan measure, he has quite a bit of knowledge about what the Russians are up to and not up to in their great global power gaming.  Apparently, there's nothing there, and nothing is going to change that fact, no matter how bitter Hillary Clinton is about her election loss to Trump.

It's also significant that Nunes is not known as a softie on Russia – in fact, he's one of the harder-liners in Congress on Russian activities.  A soggy Ted Kennedy selling out his country to the KGB or a dreamy Bernie Sanders spending his romantic honeymoon at the seat of the Soviet empire at the height of the Cold War, he is not.  His staff tend to have an electrical aversion to Russian shenanigans or even the appearance of them.

But here's the real thing going on here: Nunes is calling on Republicans to quit playing Ben Rhodes's and the other Obamatons' spin-cycle "narrative" games and get back to the work the Americans elected them to do.

Americans could not care less about this Russia extravaganza of fake news.  Citing a string of polls, the Washington Examiner concluded:

Instead of trying to drink water from a firehose, an apt metaphor for what's required to follow these stories, many Americans just tune out these issues altogether.

An even more recent IBD/TIPP poll came to the same conclusion.

A majority of Americans doubt the 2016 presidential election outcome was influenced by Russia and nearly half agree that the current investigation is a "political 'witch hunt' aimed at getting the president impeached," according to the latest IBD/TIPP Poll.

It was good to see Nunes headlining an event in Orange County a few days ago and delivering that very message – that the Russia obsession is a non-starter, that the American people want Congress to get busy on taxes, jobs, health care, and defense.

It calls to mind that way back in March, when Nunes was under attack for exposing a real crime, the "unmasking" of U.S. citizens to leak-happy intelligence swampers for political purposes, the left mocked the much loved representative of California's great Central Valley for being – horrors! – "a dairy farmer."

Well, being a dairy farmer has its benefits, one of which is having some connection to the voters.  The swampers don't understand that.  But Nunes does.  His call to the GOP to just get back to work is some of the most welcome news to come from Congress.

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