Questions Democrats are never asked on health care

Here are a few questions on Obamacare and the upcoming replacement that reporters don't seem willing to ask – and therefore Democrats don't have to answer:

  1. If increased Medicaid spending is the solution to the opioid addiction crisis, why have the addiction and death rates gone up despite already massive increases in Medicaid?  Doesn't that show a negative correlation between increased spending and reductions in addiction? 
  2. It is a fact that Medicaid spending is not being cut in the replacement bill, only the projected increase, set earlier.  It seems that liberals, including reporters, need a remedial math lesson.  If a person gets a 10% raise one year and a 5% raise the next, he did not take a cut in pay.  If he gains ten pounds one year and gain five the next, he did not lose weight.  That is all that is happening to Medicaid.
  3. Why did life expectancy unexpectedly decline after Obamacare kicked in 2010 when it was going up before?  Wasn't the more than 2,000-page bill, with massive mandates, increased taxes, and added regulations, supposed to improve life expectancy?
  4. When Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and others say the Republican replacement to Obamacare is going to cause thousands, if not millions, of deaths, why don't the media point out that the death rate actually went up after Democrats passed their draconian bill?

It would be helpful if the media had an ounce of curiosity and reported facts instead of basically regurgitating Democrat talking points that push an agenda.

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