President Trump has every right to be furious about this investigation

President Trump has every right to scream loudly about this investigation.  I have never seen anything like this since Patrick Fitzgerald went all over the Milky Way looking for someone to indict about anything.  As for Mr. Comey, it looks for sure as if he had been leaking for months to promote himself at Mr. Trump's expense.  So – exactly what are we investigating again?  First, there is no evidence of any collusion with Russia.  Frankly, the idea that Russia impacted our vote is so absurd that it makes me angry that anyone is even peddling the idea.  By the way, I am not taking Russia or Putin off the hook.  They are and have been adversaries for a long time.  They probably have tried to destabilized our system many times.  However, I am not blaming Putin for getting millions of Obama's 2012 voters to switch to Trump in 2016. Second, the appointment of independent counsel seemed like a good idea a couple of...(Read Full Post)