Peer-reviewed scientific papers increasingly cast doubt on catastrophic anthropogenic global warming

James Delingpole at Breitbart News provides a short humorously oriented article dismissive of the so-called consensus on catastrophic anthropogenic (i.e., caused by people) global warming (CAGW) with a few graphs from a much longer article posted May 29 at the No Tricks Zone by Kenneth Richard.  Mr. Richard provides reference to 80 graphs from 58 peer-reviewed scientific papers published to date in 2017 alone that invalidate the claims of CAGW, and a link to his December 2016 posting documenting an additional 60 papers published in 2016 also debunking the so-called "hockey stick" depiction of "unprecedented" global warming. 

Perhaps at an opportune future time, when Press Secretary Spicer, Counselor Conway, EPA secretary Pruitt, and others are badgered by the press about whether the president believes that global warming is a "hoax," an unequivocal answer may be provided, with references.

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