Only in America: Boys gain sports stardom by beating girls

Last week, the Hartford Courant reported that a freshman runner on the Cromwell High School girls' track team won the 100- and 200-meter dashes in a meet with Portland, Stonington, and Old Saybrook High Schools.  The winning freshman ran the 100-meter final in 12.66 seconds and the 200-meter final in 26.08.  

This year, the 15-year-old track meet winner, Andraya Yearwood, is called a girl in media reports.  But last year, Andraya was on the middle school male track team.  Several months ago, when he announced to his parents that he identified himself as a female, Andraya's parents were fully supportive of their son's new gender discovery.  "Once we identified that she [sic] was transgender, a weight lifted off her [sic] shoulders," his mother said.  "She's [sic] been engaging in so many different things and so confident about what she [sic] is doing that she [sic] is almost a totally different person. And that's what you want to see as a parent: a child that is confident and loves herself [sic]."

Of note, the last-place finishers at the same track meet in the boys' 100-meter and 200-meter dashes finished their races in 11.73 seconds and 25.59 seconds, respectively.  Andraya would have finished last had he competed with the rest of the boys.  The second-place finisher in the girls' 200-meter dash was last year's winner, Sarah Hall, a junior from Stonington High School and an actual girl.

The Cromwell track coach couldn't be happier with Andraya's gender revision.  "I have a spectacular female [sic] athlete," Brian Calhoun told the Hartford Courant.  Officials with the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) passed the buck on any questions about the matter to Cromwell High.  The Hartford Courant reported that the CIAC must defer to local schools on gender identification issues.  "According to the CIAC handbook, it is fundamentally unjust and contrary to applicable state and federal law to preclude a student from participation on a gender specific sports team that is consistent with the public gender identity of that student."

This is all yesterday's newspaper.  What could come next is more interesting.

It is certainly conceivable that other B-class male athletes may be tempted to consider (1) becoming an overnight star on the girls' playing field instead of struggling on the male teams; (2) improving their chances for a college scholarship; and (3), to boot, getting legitimate access to the girls' locker room.  All I have to do is realize I'm a girl?  Are you kidding me?  Where do I sign?

Such a temptation in so many sports – wrestling, swimming, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball, tennis, soccer, golf.  All with college scholarships. 

This is sure to become an issue as male athletes begin to take over girls' sports and scholarships.  There could be lawsuits from the parents of daughters who feel that they have been cheated out of scholarships because of this new sports phenomenon.

It's doubtful if the feminists saw this one coming.  The ball is now clearly in their court.  They will feel that at all cost, they must protect the female path to superiority in every endeavor.  They cannot let this unexpected turn of events stand in the way of that mission.  At the same time, they must continue their solid support for gender choice.  Rather than give ground on either agenda, their likely reaction will be to agitate for new laws with new rules to minimize the temptation for boys to "make the switch."  Such rules might include:

  • Establish a new legal gender class: "male-to-female crossover athletes," or MFXOAs.  The current multi-gender acronym will have to be modified from LBGT to LBGTMFXOA or, if that's too long, LBGTMF.
  • MFXOAs will not be permitted to spit or scratch themselves while on the playing field.
  • MFXOAs will not be permitted to smoke celebration cigars in the locker room after winning individual or team performances.
  • MFXOAs will not be permitted to do any towel-snapping or other male-type antics in the locker room.
  • MFXOAs will be required to shave facial hair daily (no mustaches like Andraya's).
  • If, after an initial trial period, it is determined that these rules are enforceable so that only "legitimate" MFXOAs join the girls' teams, then urinals will be installed in all girls' locker rooms.
  • If the locker room rules are not followed, schools will be required to either (1) hire adult locker room monitors or (2) build separate girls' locker rooms and showers: one for MFXOAs and one for the...girls.

This sure gives one a new reason to follow the sports websites.