NYT columnist thinks who should be deported?

In what may very well go down as the most repulsive newspaper column of 2017, NYT columnist Bret Stephens argues that certain American citizens pose a bigger threat to our country than illegal aliens do.  He sarcastically suggests that this group of Americans should be deported.  But his non-sarcastic point is relative.  He thinks the parasitic nature of this group of Americans makes them better candidates for deportation than illegal aliens.

 As Tucker Carlson trenchantly points out, Stephen's view reduces these Americans to mere "units of economic productivity, widgets to fuel the machine of global capitalism that pays Bret Stephens many thousands a year to write mediocre opinion columns in a dying newspaper."  (Ouch!)

But Stephens's failure to distinguish between his fellow American citizens, who are owed something from this country, and illegal immigrants,  who aren't, isn't the most shocking part of his column.  The targets of his ire are those Americans who have high rates of illegitimacy, crime, and incarceration but low rates of scholastic achievement and entrepreneurship.  Get it?  Without explicitly saying so, Stevens is sarcastically suggesting that black Americans should be deported and seriously suggesting that they deserve deportation more than illegal aliens do.

It's more proof that, contrary to what he claims, Stephens isn't a conservative.  If a conservative made a claim with these obvious implications, he'd be permanently unemployed faster than a sparrow's heartbeat.