Melbourne jihadist hostage-taker acquitted in 2010 of planning suicide attack

Another "known wolf" terrorist, this time in Melbourne, Australia, as a man well known to police as a violent extremist, took a prostitute hostage after killing her bodyguard.  The man, Yacqub Khayre, held off police for two hours before coming out of an apartment building firing a shotgun.  He was immediately gunned down by police after slightly wounding two officers. Khayre had been acquitted in 2010 of planning a suicide attack on an Australian military base.  He was later sent to prison on an assault charge and was paroled last December 8.  The GPS monitoring device he was supposed to wear was disabled – a fact the police did not realize until the hostage standoff began. ABC News: Khayre, a Somali refugee, has an extensive and violent criminal record. He was sentenced in 2012 to 5 ? years in prison on convictions including aggravated burglary after beating a woman in her home. He was initially denied parole after serving a...(Read Full Post)