London terror attackers: CNN baffled on the motives

The mandatory media blindness toward Islam as a motive for terror attacks would be comic, if the propaganda were not so effective in a world full of low information voters. There is only one major religion in the world today whose adherents, by the hundreds of millions, believe that violence against believers of other religions or no religion, can legitimately be attacked. And there is only one religion that is actively killing nonbelievers on a large scale, globally.

Everyone paying attention knows this. It requires considerable mental gymnastics to know the background and yet be baffled by the motives.  

Even though the attackers yelled, “This is for Allah,” as they stabbed restaurant and pub patrons, CNN makes itself look asinine with this coverage of the terror attack: “London terror attacks: What we know and don't know.”

Whether by choice or at the direction of her superiors, Hilary Whiteman of CNN managed to avoid the words “Islam,” “Muslim,” and “Allah” in her roughly 700-word article on the attacks.

I suppose it will help her keep her job. But has she really informed CNN’s patrons of what went down? Are they better prepared for life's perils thanks to CNN's "journalism"?