London Mayor Sadiq Khan's tweets haven't aged well

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is offering the usual condemnation cliches for Saturday's terror attack on London Bridge, which left at least 6 dead and some 20 injured, calling the attack 'cowardly' and the murders 'tragic.'  Cue the teddy bears, the floral displays, and the hastags. It's the same futile response that followed the Manchester terrorist concert massacre and the Westminster Bridge terror attack.

But Khan has a history, noted by the Twitter account named Tennessee. It's not going down well in the wake of the latest terror attack



As for Khan's embarassing tweet, all I can think is 'whose ignorance of Islam'? The mayor doesn't seem to recognize that Islam and a certain reading of its justifications is at the nexus of London's wave of terror attacks. And well, far from London proving Trump wrong, what just went down in London has proven Trump right.

Khan's problem it seems, is not that he is a Muslim - but that he is a hipster, and not just a hipster but probably the same sort of secular atheist leftist hipster that President Obama was. Such people look down their nose and dismiss religion of any kind as gibberish, failing to recognize intensity of faith because they hold none themselves.

That's not to say they don't have beliefs - they do - in phony unprovables such as global warming, calling it the world's biggest threat, and certainly more alarming to them than terrorism on London Bridge.

Khan tweeted this one too:

The deplorables from bridgeland have since had a question for him:

Others are unimpressed with Khan's urban hipsterly claim that terror attacks are the new normal, or, in his words "part and parcel" of living in the big city. He sounds like Bill de Blasio.

What it shows is that the urban elites are grotesquely out of touch with the lives of ordinary citizens. They dismiss terror deaths as 'tragic' suggesting the victims had some role in their own deaths as in the definition of tragedy.

They claim global warming is a bigger problem than the immediate and deadly threat of terrorism.  For them it's easy to do that. Taking action on global warming makes them feel good, costs them nothing and only threatens the livelihoods of farmers and fishermen and miners, not their own. As for terrorism, that's no problem for them, either - you'll never find an elitist like Khan strolling on London Bridge on a Saturday night for terrorists to take down. With his bodyguards and the protective bubble he lives in, terrorism is for little people.

Which may be why President Trump issued some morning scorn for Khan's outrageous claim that the London Bridge attack as 'no reason to be alarmed.'


In any case, Khan embodies the ruling structure of large urban metropolises across the West, and his continuous inability to recognize reality, let alone take meaningful action or at least advocate for it, is a major reason why these terror attacks just keep happening.