How to use betting markets to take money from liberals

Are you sure Donald Trump will be president until at least the end of 2018? Are you really, really sure?  If so, you can make money on it.  Betting markets like allow you to bet on political topics.

The price of "Will Trump still be President at the end of 2018?" is only 60 cents as of this writing. That means if you buy 1,000 shares and Trump is still president at  the end of 2018, you will make 400 dollars (minus the 10% fee).  If you really, really believe that Trump will still be in office then, you have the opportunity to make a lot of money.

There are many other things you can bet on.  "Will Trump be impeached in 2017?" is priced relatively highly at 79 cents, but if you are certain he won't be impeached, you can make an easy 20 cents on every 80 cents you invest.

Other topics lets users bet on the president's actions, such as how many times the president will tweet about Jared Kushner during a given week, or how many times he will tweet during Comey's testimony.

Will Trump move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem in 2017?  It's priced at 85 cents "no", but in my view, it's easy money – where else can you make a nearly 17% return on your money in just six months? (For math Nazis, it's a profit of 15 cents for every 85 cents invested, not counting the fee, or 15 divided by 85.)

You can also bet on whether Jared Kushner or Roger Stone will face criminal charges.

Curiously, there is no option to bet on whether a border wall paid for by Mexico will be built.  I guess in order for there to be a competitive wager, you need people willing to bet on both sides, and perhaps no one believes that a Mexican-financed border wall is in the offing.

Do you feel confident enough to bet on any of the topics above?  How much would you invest?

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