Face it: Democrats are way up a creek and can't remember where they left the paddle

The stars seem to be aligning badly for the Democrats ever since the awful night of November 8, 2016, when it was the illusion of inevitable demographic triumph, not a fancied glass ceiling, that was shattered.

The Russian collusion gambit is playing out with the lack of evidence admitted under oath, and worse, is raising the possibility of counter-investigations that might ask awkward questions of the Podesta Brothers and the fate of the U.S. uranium reserves.

Party fundraising is a disaster:

The Democratic National Committee is badly short of cash. The special elections were its best hope of reviving its fundraising. Unfortunately its fundraising totals continued to fall instead. The DNC didn't really believe that it could win the special elections, but it needed elections to spur fundraising.

The party's longtime leader and fundraising champion is facing a party revolt against her leadership.  Ads attacking Ossoff showed his face morphing into Pelosi's prior to the recent special election in Georgia.  She is a symbol of the gerontocracy that runs the party, as well as a symbol of the "San Francisco values" that the party has so completely embraced – values that are not universally popular in the electorate, but values that generate generous donations.

The Sanders wing correctly believes that it was cheated out of the nomination by a corrupt establishment and is therefore relatively impervious to appeals for party unity.

Black turnout, post-Obama, is significantly down.

And now the identity politics wing of the party is calling on it to reject outreach to persons of non-color.  Brent Scher writes in the Free Beacon:

In the wake of the Democratic Party's Tuesday defeats, a progressive group acting to reshape the party is warning leaders to avoid "another billion-dollar blunder" by abandoning attempts to win over white working-class voters and stop taking black voters for granted.

Democracy in Color, which hosted a forum earlier this year for candidates vying to take the reigns [sic] of the Democratic National Committee, put out a new report on Thursday morning urging the party to reject "conventional wisdom" that suggests it needs to win over people that voted for President Donald Trump in 2016.

It is true that the conventional wisdom is that adding back lost voters is the way to win elections.

"Democrats didn't lose because white working class voters defected to Trump," said Steve Phillips, the group's founder. "Democrats lost because of lower Black voter turnout ...

There is only one first black president.

 ... and Obama voters defecting to Jill Stein and other third- and fourth-party candidates."

Right.  I kind of think pleading for party unity is going to be a tough sell.

This guy Phillips is connected, shall we say:

Phillips, a fellow at the Center for American Progress, wrote earlier this week on Democracy in Color's website that "every dollar" Ossoff "spent wooing Republicans is money flushed down the drain."

Trump Derangement Syndrome is the motive behind all that money flowing to those races.  It doesn't win elections, but those donors are not interested in party unity and black turnout.

I am sorry, but I don't see the Democrats getting their act together anytime soon.

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