Deep State: All about re-living high school

So how does Deep State work?

Apparently, it's just like high school. Picture Elvis Costello's 'Girl's Talk' song in action or maybe 'Mean Girls' as the template.

Over the weekend, spotted this tweet from a leftwing journalist in cozy with the Deep Staters from the Obama Holdout division, from the anti-American publication Al-Hayat.

So Karam hear-tells that Gorka was the one who wrote the White House's talking points! Gorka did it! Never mind that in her previous tweets, Karam suggested that President Trump's Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was incompetent in his handling of the Qatar crisis. Nope, they found a way to insert Gorka! As if there were some value in that. And that gets them excited solely because they still haven't let up on White House Deputy Assistant to President Trump, a national security expert with a funny name whom they've been trying to discredit from Day One. Suddenly, Tillerson becomes a statesman because one of them was able to claim to pin something on Gorka!

Did you hear? Cup your ear! Gorka wrote the White House statement!

Why, exactly, would this matter as news? Based on the looks of this kind of 'reporting' it looks as if this were more of some sort of high school hazing ritual. Whether Gorka wrote something or not - highly unlikely given this crew's absence of integrity - is irrelevant to the policy on Qatar they are trying to fathom. The Trump White House does what President Trump wants the Trump White House to do, But at this point, it's obvious that attacking Gorka or playing high school games about who the 'in crowd' is is the real agenda of these self-important Deep Staters.

The tweet was retweeted 109 times at last count by Obama administration Deep Staters such as Joe Biden's former national security advisor Colin Kahl (still waiting for his sidekick Ben Rhodes to do it), all stroking their chins and trying to seem important with this deep new information. Karam says she had two sources? Dollars to donuts, both so-called sources were among the Deep Staters who did the retweets.

Can you see how Deep State works now? There's this fluttering buzz of unsubstantiated leaks on Twitter coming from the Deep State's favored journos. Among these tweets there is a generous dose of Mean Girls backbiting, a whisper campaign to discredit one member of the Trump administration or another, and then an 'amen corner' of retweets among the embittered Obama political operatives now on the outside looking in.

It's kind of wretched. Deep State is pretty much high school, not any sort of serious quest for the truth, done by the sort of people who feel right at home in a Girl's Talk video.



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