Comey: A six-foot, eight-inch Pajama Boy

Aside from revealing that President Trump is guilty of exactly nothing but winning an election, James Comey sure did reveal a lot about himself.  His feelings are easily hurt, he gets scared in Trump's presence, he gets nauseated, is weak, gets confused and stunned.  He is sorry his workforce had to hear what Trump said about the FBI, that it is in disarray.  He sounded like a college snowflake on almost any American college campus in need of a safe space.

After a lifetime as a lawyer, U.S. attorney for the Southern District, U.S. deputy district attorney, and corporate lawyer, this is a man who never should have been appointed as director of the FBI.  He does not have the temperament for the job.  We learned yesterday that he unlawfully leaked his own memo, property of the FBI, to the press to "spur a special prosecutor" and cover his own backside.  Why not turn it over to acting director McCabe or the DOJ?  Because he's malicious.  He likely leaked a whole lot more to the press that is so in love with anonymous sources.  The guy was positively Machiavellian in his attempt to smear Trump and protect himself.  But Machiavelli would not be proud; Comey was too clever by half.  He essentially admitted that Trump had done nothing wrong beyond making Comey uncomfortable, being a compassionate man regarding Michael Flynn, and not using the approved vernacular or prescribed handshake of the D.C. establishment.

Comey was very clear about his certainty that Hillary Clinton's "intent" was not to break the law when she used a private server and "wiped" it, so he did not recommend charging her despite her long list of felonies.  Now he is certain he knows what Trump's intent was when he said, if he said, that he hoped the Flynn investigation would go away since the man has been through so much already.  Had Trump actually "demanded" that Comey stop investigating Flynn, it would have been within Trump's constitutional authority to do so.  But he did not do that.

Did Comey report this alleged breach to anyone?  No.  Did Trump ever ask him again to drop the Flynn investigation?  No.  Because it was part of a normal conversation that violated nothing.  Comey's "memo" may have been created only after he was fired and he wanted revenge.  Comey lied about when he leaked his memo, saying it was in response to one of Trump's tweets, but Marc Kasowitz, Trump's lawyer, said the tweet in question came the day after the NYT quoted his memo:

"Although Mr. Comey testified he only leaked the memos in response to a tweet, the public record reveals that the New York Times was quoting from these memos the day before the referenced tweet, which belies Mr. Comey’s excuse for this unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to be entirely retaliatory."  

Indeed.  Turns out Comey is the liar. [Editor's note: ABC News is disputing this claim]

Trump's most likely reason for firing Comey?  Probably his frustration over Comey's refusal to tell the public that Trump was not the target of any investigation.  He realized that Comey is a duplicitous political animal, not an objective agent of law enforcement.  Comey obviously enjoyed letting the assumption that Trump was under investigation be the cloud over the administration it has become.  And it's all a lie, a hoax.  There was no "collusion" with Russia, and Comey has known that all along.  Whether he yet knows it or not, Comey's testimony vindicated Trump and indicted himself.

Trump's mistake was not firing Comey on January 20.  Hillary surely would have.  By November 9, every Democrat in the country was calling for his head.  By letting him stay on, Trump kept a cobra in his house who was waiting to strike.

It is often said that the D.C. establishment, of which Comey was an entrenched member, operates solely on fear.  This was made abundantly clear today.  Comey and all the senators on that committee fear losing the power they wield.  The Democrats were accusatory and, with a couple of exceptions, the Republicans rather timorous.  Only Trump, an outsider, is fearless.  That is why he won.  Those of us who voted for him, even if only to vote against Clinton, like and respect him a whole lot more these days.  He stands head and shoulders above Comey and his ilk.