'Burden of Education' – the Next Brick in Lunacy’s Wall

You may think creeping liberalism would have reached its limits by now – but you’d be wrong.

Coming up on the horizon, there is a term from the world of creeping liberalism so new there is not yet an entry in Wikipedia: 'Burden of Education./  Yet I predict that shortly this will be the newest meme in leftist speech.  After all, the usual standbys: “hater,” “denier,” and all the rest, including the preferred meme du jour “White Supremacist” are all getting stale.

So, what is “Burden of Education” (“BoE” - properly spelled without a leading “The”)?  It is best demonstrated in a comment about the stresses faced by Social Justice Warriors (SJW) these days:

 “What we are ultimately getting at by asking to shift the emotional labor to yourselves, is what is commonly referred to as the "burden of education" (BoE) in social justice spaces. The BoE includes not only the emotional labor, but also the physical time and energy that is so frequently forced on those facing oppression, to educate their oppressors. That is a very hard place to be in, aka a huge burden to bear. While we (in the non-dominant group) are in the middle of processing the damaging words or actions, that the person in the dominant group has just used/taken against us, we are asked/told by the person who just wronged us to *calmly* explain to them why what they did was wrong. It's utterly draining and often met with additional undue vitriol. It very often feels like no matter what great lengths we go through to form our responses in a completely non-offensive way (aka make great effort to coddle the oppressor), we are just lashed out against further.

 Combine all of that with a whole bunch of stifling socialization about how women are often deemed too angry, emotional, etc when we are blunt and honest, it's extremely toxic to deal with long term.”

Whew!  Angry? Her? No Way!  Note the self-centered focus in her writing which is endemic to those who have bought into the divisive group-identity focus promoted by the progressive movement.

So let’s unpack this.  Someone presents a position that is different from the cultural norms or generally accepted societal beliefs (or even just something I happen to believe), or is in support of an untried or unproven “rule” or viewpoint, and it is my fault that I don’t immediately understand and agree with what they are talking about.  And “understanding” is not what she wants – it must be agreement.  She apparently wants us to accept whatever unproven idea fits her emotional state, or what passes for logic, so that she doesn’t have to expend the energy to convince people of the outcome she desires.  And when we don’t immediately comply, we’re the bad ones.

This is further proof that not only are we raising snowflakes who expect reward without work, we are now expected to conform instantly to any random neural firings they may have.  Sadly, this includes the leftist pap they’ve been fed by their teachers, without any opposing points of view, that enforce a group identity viewpoint in everything they see.

This would be funny, except it is dangerous, and while we may all chuckle at BoE here, be ready for it to smack us all upside the head soon.  And watch for it to populate the daily talking points.