Bernie fan narrowly thwarted in attempt to mow down GOP Congressional baseball team

A gunman now identified as James Hodgkinson attempted a massacre of members of the GOP Congressional Baseball Team, practicing for a planned charity game against the Congressional Democrats Thursday night. The only reason the entire contingent of reps and aides were not slaughtered was the presence of a security detail of the Capitol Police, guarding a member to the majority leadership. Their armed response, which wounded both, staved off Hodgkinson’s intended killing spree (he shot more than 50 rounds), presumably pinning him down until police arrived a reported few minutes later. It is most unfortunate for the Left that Hodgkinson is reportedly a Bernie fan, self-identified progressive. But it is evident that this was a crime of opportunity, not a well planned operation.  Reportedly, Congressman Ron DeSantis was leaving early and encountered the man, who asked him who they were. He answered that it was a Congressional baseball team. Hodgkinson asked, “Which...(Read Full Post)