Ben Rhodes's Paris Twitter meltdown

Apparently when a fiction is exposed as fiction, it's harder on creative writing majors than other people.

This must be why Ben Rhodes, creative writing major, former deputy national security adviser, and President Obama's "mind meld," is losing it over President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

The withdrawal not only scraps yet another petty eurotrash monitoring and finger-pointing bureaucracy, pretty much all directed at the U.S., but upends the vast crony capitalist corporate empires that have made a killing off subsidies and regulatory fiddledeedee.  But for some, like Ben, it's more than that: it's the revelation that there's no Santa Claus and cause for a Twitter meltdown.

Rhodes's tweets were a masterpiece of overwrought angst and Chicken Little-ism.  He's going to be embarrassed about them in a few years, when he says something stupid and we dredge up these tweets to bring him to earth.

For now, they are worth savoring in all their positively connoisseur-grade stupidity.  Here is the string of them on Twitter:

Leaving Paris is not a "win" for anyone. There's something wrong with a society in which there's a Rose Garden celebration for such a thing

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) June 1, 2017

Something wrong with a society?  All society?  Over one president's pulling out of a petty eurotrash pact run by bureaucrats in Berlin?  Oh, the collective guilt!

Shame on those in Trump WH who know the science is real and Paris is our last best chance. There is no trade off that is worth this cruelty

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) June 1, 2017

Cruelty?  In the age of ISIS and Kathy Griffin traumatizing an 11-year-old, this is "cruelty"?  What planet does Rhodes live on?

What has more impact on our children's future: a ravaged climate or Hillary Clinton's email server?

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) June 1, 2017

One guess, and it's not the one Rhodes thinks it's going to be.

The rest of the world will watch in horror. Much harder to bring nations like India along if the US vacates its leadership position.

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) June 1, 2017

Horror?  Did he really say "horror"?  Over the sudden irrelevance of a petty Berlin bureaucracy?  Does that rest-of-the-world horror include India?  India stays in that sham pact only so long as nothing is demanded of it.

Trump will call Paris a "bad deal" - does anyone truly believe that he even knows what is in it?

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) June 1, 2017

This, from a man of the lone party that passed Obamacare "to find out what's in it"?  President Trump knows very well what's in it – which is why he got rid of it.

A Rose Garden celebration of a step that denies science and hurts children. History will note those who participated in this moral wreckage

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) June 1, 2017

Hurts the children?  Moral wreckage?  Over the demise of a fool's treaty premised on the fiction of global warming?  His Inner Fiction Writer is spinning out of control.

His rubbitacious tweets just spin on and on.  He's losing it.  If this is what passes for President Obama's mind meld, one can only wonder if the ex-president now losing his miserable legacy in this pullout is losing it, too.

For now, it's best to just keep letting Rhodes make a fool of himself.

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