Al Franken (the genius!) inadvertently speaks the truth – about Kathy Griffin's 'apology'

Maybe it was a Freudian slip.  Or perhaps the man was signaling that he's not quite so literate (or even nearly so smart) as he purports to be.  Either way, the senator from Minnesota inadvertently spoke the truth when he chimed in on the brouhaha surrounding alleged comedienne Kathy Griffin's latest public display of sheer tastelessness, posing in a photo with a decapitated head of President Trump and calling it art. Something made my ears prick up when I heard the Al Franken sound bite that was played on Sean Hannity's radio program Wednesday.  (Funny – I can use the word "prick" when speaking of something that made me prick up my ears, but I can't use that word when expressing that Franken has always struck me as an insufferably smug little...never mind!). I heard the learned and esteemed senator and former Saturday Night Live writer and performer say the following (which one can also...(Read Full Post)
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