A major flaw in liberal utopianism

The following is a thought experiment – maybe a little over the top, but one that should illustrate how liberals and their incessant demands for equality and diversity in the end will lead to the exact opposite of their utopian vision.

When following liberalism to its logical conclusion, it will have to eradicate literally every distinction that exists.  That means all cultural, social, and economic categories will have to be homogenized so that no one individual, institution, or business has any kind of advantage over another.  All competition would have to be destroyed.

(As a little side note, this is another one of those internal contradictions of liberalism.  Isn't its core concept of Darwinism and its primary theory of survival of the fittest just another way of identifying competition?)

In order to eliminate competition, individualism would have to be eliminated, because, by definition, individuality identifies the uniqueness of each person.  A strong person could no longer have any advantage over the weak person, the attractive over the unattractive, the creative over the uncreative, ad infinitum.

Clearly, this is where Marx went wrong with his philosophy of dialectical materialism that predicted the end of capitalism and the victory of communism, his vision of utopia, and the end of history.  No more individual or class distinctions where everyone would live in perfect egalitarian harmony.

So, returning to the thought experiment, in the process of getting to a state of perfect egalitarian harmony, the unintended consequences of eliminating individuality and distinctions would also necessitate the elimination of the family and the community.  Carrying it even farther, there would no longer even be a need even for language.  Since all distinctions have been removed, why would there be a need to communicate?  In a way, communication is a form of competition where individuals, groups, or institutions convey what makes them special and therefore different.  Remember, with liberalism, no differences allowed.

The end result of this thought experiment can only be one thing: tyranny.  The liberal utopia that exists at the end of their social-cultural-economic rainbow demands an enforcer.  Without a person or persons to oversee such a perfect egalitarian place, the natural instincts and passions will surface and wreak havoc.  Only through forcible submission can natural distinctions and competition by held in check.

Perhaps this isn't really a thought experiment after all.  For those who know their history – from the French Jacobins through Mao, Lenin, and Stalin to Pol Pot – their quest for heaven on earth of perfect equality has always ended up in murderous dictatorships.