Zuckerberg calls for guaranteed income; write him for your first check

Harvard Law School has a new graduate!  I'm proud to say that my newest fellow alumnus is none other than Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.  Now, Zuckerberg, of course, never attended Harvard Law School.  In fact, he was a dropout from Harvard College.  But because he is wealthy, and liberal, that makes him eminently qualified for a Harvard Law degree!

In a speech at Harvard, Zuckerberg (whose name, translated from the original German, means "Mr. Sugar Mountain"), called for everyone to have a guaranteed basic income!  He points out that not everyone has the financial freedom (as he did) to become an entrepreneur.  So he wants to give everyone a guaranteed income so people can have freedom to find "meaningful" things to do with their lives.

What his speech misses entirely, of course, is that not everyone is emotionally and intellectually positioned to become an entrepreneur.  In fact, most  people are not suited to being entrepreneurs, preferring well defined jobs without the stress of having to figure out unique problems and to compete against others.

Zuckerberg talks about having the "freedom" to seek out meaning.  He says not a word about how taking this money from taxpayers to pay others would rob them of some of their freedom.  How many companies would not be started because of higher taxes required to pay a guaranteed income?  That thought never occurs to Zuckerberg.  What of the lower standard of living of those who have to pay these crushing taxes?  That never occurs to Zuckerberg, either; he is too obscenely rich to relate to it.  What about the massive inflation that would result from millions of people suddenly having higher incomes?  No thought to that, either.  Did Zuckerberg drop out of Harvard before he got a chance to take Economics 101?

Zuckerberg says, "Today, we have a level of wealth inequality that hurts everyone."  He adds that society rewards people who are successful way too much.  To Zuckerberg, when a person takes risks and makes money, that is "society" rewarding him.  Regardless, it sounds as though Zuckerberg feels upset having so much more money than the average person.  He must stay awake at night feeling guilty about the many billions of dollars he has in the bank.  Perhaps he intends to bankroll the guaranteed basic income himself, and rather than being a typical liberal hypocrite, perhaps he plans to reduce his life savings to approximate those of an average American.  That's why I encourage you to write Zuckerberg and start asking for your guaranteed income.

By the way, if you have the stomach to watch this excerpt from Zuckerberg's speech at Harvard, you can see that the applause for Zuckerberg is positively anemic.  I wonder why.  Could it be that class-based appeals don't have the same emotional impact on Harvard graduates as separatist gender, race, sexual orientation, and Islamist polemics do?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.

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