Will the US give Colombia's FARC Marxist narco-terrorists 'free' taxpayer money?

File under "unbelievably awful."

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos is coming to Washington, D.C. on May 18 for talks with President Trump.

Turns out he has his hand out, seeking $450 million to finance his FARC "peace process."  That's the one he got the Nobel Peace Prize for, and the one we get the bill for.

I suppose it would be fine if something good were going on, but this is nothing but a reward-for-terrorism enabling program – to the tune of $450 million, which President Obama (naturally) promised to fork over from our taxes.

Here's the problem: Colombia held a referendum on this disgusting giveaway.  Much to the left's and the mainstream media's surprise, Colombia's voters rejected it.  Much to no one's surprise, it was such a lavish deal – with free money for FARC broadcasts unlike any other political parties, unearned congressional seats for terrorists (how'd you like one of those to represent your district, whether you liked it or not?), mountains of monthly cash stipends for terrorists who "promise" to demobilize (but not disarm), the right to keep drug "earnings" and stolen property including land, to name a few details – that other terrorist groups have jumped onboard and asked for similar ones.  The only people who lose are the Colombian people, who have suffered for more than 50 years from these communist cocaine terrorists.  FARC has broken its word in all peace treaties up until now – and Colombians are convinced they will this time, too.

My own sense is that FARC will remodel itself on the Hugo Chávez model that tore up Venezuela – insinuating itself in the country's democratic institutions and proceeding to destroy them from within once it gets a foothold of power.  They are communists.  They do not believe in democracy, other than as a vehicle for achieving cocaine lord-style power.

Now Santos wants Uncle Sam to pay for this unsustainable mess, which will likely lead to more warfare as angry Colombians fight back.  Voters in Colombia know that rewarding terrorism is the way to get more of it.  Just as the United States (as opposed to European Union nations) does, these voters rejected rewarding terrorists.  Yet if the U.S. does hand the money over, we will be complicit in an immoral act that ignores the will of Colombia's voters, as they expressed in their referendum, which came on the heels of Britain's Brexit last year.

President Trump has been good about keeping bad promises in other areas made by President Obama – the Iran deal, the Paris climate change farce, and the Australian rejected refugees – now being rewarded with prized American green cards for their lawbreaking.  I really hope he doesn't fall for Santos's hideous sure-to-fail terrorist enablement program – at least not without some bitter pills of conditionality for the terrorists.

Colombia is America's top ally in the hemisphere, an ally just as important to us as Australia is, so the pressure to humor Santos will be intense.  But not only will it cost us; it will send a hideous message that America is a pushover in rewarding terrorists if they just hold out long enough for a gringo payoff.  What kind of message will that send to ISIS?  What kind of nation will that leave us?