Why don't congressional Republicans stand up and defend Trump?

That sound you don't hear is the sound of Republican senators and congresscritters rushing to the defense of Donald Trump as he comes under vicious attack from the extreme left, which is to say the Democratic Party and the fakestream media.  The question is, why don't you hear a sound?

Very many of the Republicans in Congress probably owe their seats to Donald Trump.  No one else came close to expressing the disgust that voters felt for incumbents of both parties.  Their disgust for the R branch of the Uniparty was only marginally less than that for the D branch.  But Trump's coattails swept many of the R-branchers into office.

Now, when he is under attack and being all but prevented from governing, his erstwhile allies are silent.  Why?  We already know that most of them are timid and that the nickname "the Stupid Party" is well deserved.  But I believe it's more than that.  Most of the Uniparty, R branch, despise Donald Trump.  They hate him because he correctly pointed out the rigged game and the cesspool of corruption that characterizes Washington, D.C.  And R-branchers are neck-deep in that corruption, just like the D-branchers.  They too are creatures of the swamp, and they don't like it being pointed out, and they can't abide the thought of the swamp actually being drained.  The R-branchers have to pretend to be conservatives, but most of them despise conservatives, as was well demonstrated by John Boehner's open contempt for the Tea Party a few years back.  The R-branchers have no principles of any kind, let alone conservative principles – unless you consider taking care of Number One a principle. 

The sounds of Frank Sinatra at the Inaugural Ball had barely faded away before the insane left began beating the drums for the impeachment of Donald Trump.  Recently, that seems to have subsided, except for a few uniquely clueless demagogues like Maxine Waters.  Some say Democrats are realizing that impeachment is a hopeless cause, considering that there are no grounds and that both branches of Congress are controlled by Republicans.

Let me offer a different opinion. 

Many R-branch Unipartisans want impeachment as much as the D branch, as incredible as that might seem at first.  Their hatred of Trump knows no bounds.  But they realize that Trump's core supporters have not yet been shaken in their support.  So plans for impeachment have to be kept underground for now.  At the proper time, when Trump's popularity has sunk sufficiently under relentless mudslinging and false allegations, they will spring the trap – "they" being both branches.  Both parties.  The elephant as well as the donkey.  There is no way impeachment could happen otherwise.  And the chance of it happening is very real.

Donald Trump needs the support of conservatives and patriotic Americans if this country as founded is to have any chance of survival.  With all his flaws, he is our last chance.  And one of the best ways we can help him is to put pressure on the spineless Republicans in high office to speak up in favor of their president.  Make them voice their support, or face the wrath of Trump voters in the next elections.  Make sure they realize that we notice their silence and are outraged by it.

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