Wanna impeach President Trump? Hold that thought, Kids...

So the Dems fetch up to the media hitching post daily and yawp "Impeach Trump!" with every whisper of gossip or "misdemeanor" – alleged, fabricated, or imagined.

Strangely, the Democrats forget that impeachment is a quite dicey affair, as the drawn out krenk of William Jefferson Clinton back in the late '90s demonstrated with admirable color and discussion.  It takes a huge crime or public misbehavior to breach the high wall needed for such an extreme act.

This is especially true when the merest attempt will elicit the far greater malfeasances of the thankfully ex-president Obama's endless Barraka gad Geeka of unconstitutional and egotistic maraudings, the which our media merrily ignored – or awarded him a wrist corsage during the actual profligacy and rough-riding Obamadillos themselves.

Furthermore, with so much of the apparatus of impeachment in the hands of the majority-party GOP, it would be a fool's errand to think these cudgelwits and airtime warthogs could even pull it beyond basic Ground Zero.

My guess is that, like the overwrought rejection and hyena hysteria over appointing Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court – when they obviously should have kept their powder dry for the next inevitable appointee, coming up no doubt within the next year or two – the naysay Dems constantly squander the public's tolerance by mounting irritating pity-party buffets without the undergirding rationale needed for all the brouhahas unleashed.  It is as though South American fire ants were loose in their knickers.

In fact, let them try to impeach a popularly elected new president who is at least a patriot, as opposed to a holographic predecessor and his twitchy past SecState co-enabler.

If the disloyal opposition were to actually try to impeach Donald J. without adequate cause, they would forestall lots of subsequent baby-actions of their mentally challenged and near-treasonous, knavish "resistance."

How long can these Cujoes in soggy full diapers keep testing the public's patience, resolve, and early indulgence of a new president and his ambitious agenda?  How long can they keep up the galactic noise and sophomoric antics, caterwauling, and impertinent verbal and physical damage?

Saying no in squalling voice every hour of the day, in infants, is called colic.  In Yiddish, my father would call them chaleriyas, Mamma Loshen – afflicted cholera vermin (loosely translated).

Impeachment?  Try.  Just try it.

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