Trump signs bill outlawing border wall and expanding H-2B visas

President Trump signed a massive $1.1-trillion spending bill that outlawed future construction of a border wall, spends more money on Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, allows a small increase in military spending, and increases the number of unskilled H-2B visas by 120%.  Most prominently, Trump's planned border wall expansion, which was authorized in 2006 legislation, is now forbidden to be built by law.

But I do not blame Trump for this.

1) We are told that Trump signed this legislation, but how do we know this is really the truth?  It could be "fake news."  Perhaps someone from the "Deep State," or a globalist operative, or a shadowy conspiracy figure Alex Jones talks about, impersonated President Trump and signed on his behalf, hoping Trump would get the blame for this bad bill.  Fake news is so endemic.  How do we know Trump really signed the bill?  How do we know Trump is really president?  How do you know you are actually reading this?  You simply don't.  It can all be questioned.  You may only be thinking you are reading this, while in reality you are riding an elephant in India at this very moment.

2) But let's say, for sake of argument, that Trump really did sign this bill outlawing the construction of a border wall, violating the primary promise of the Trump campaign.  If he did sign it, it was a stroke of brilliance.  I mean, if anyone else had done it, I would call it a total betrayal of a main campaign promise.  But if Trump does it, it must all be part of a secret, long-term plan that we cannot hope to understand.  Perhaps Trump wants to lull the Democrats into a false sense of security.  Perhaps Trump knows that come September, or if not September, some later time after September, Trump will give the Democrats a political karate chop that will force them to fund his border wall, and at that point, Trump's signing a ban on border walls now will look positively brilliant.

3) Keep in mind that the legislation that Trump apparently signed contains more than a billion dollars for border security.  It even gives Trump permission to reinforce up to 40 miles of fencing along our 3,000-mile border with Mexico.  If I were an illegal alien, I wouldn't want to cross the border at any one of those 40 miles once Trump is done building them up!  The legislation also allows Trump to build levee walls, to keep undocumented water out of America.  We can name them after him.  We can call them the "Trump levee walls."

4) As for all those additional H-2B visas?  Once Trump lowers the boom on legal immigration, those will be the first to go!  You see, right now Trump is only giving the appearance of giving in on border security and allowing more immigration.  But when he springs his trap, just wait and see – it will all be reversed!

5) Remember that he's been president for only a little over a 100 days!  One hundred days is not nearly enough time to refuse to sign a spending bill that outlaws construction of a border wall.  His presidency is still young.  What's the hurry?

6) In any event, if Trump's signing of this bill was not part of a greater plan, it's not his fault.  It's the fault of his advisers.  Blame Ivana Trump for giving birth to Ivanka.  Blame Ivanka for falling in love with Jared Kushner. B lame all the Democratic Goldman Sachs advisers in the White House.  But don't blame Donald Trump.  He's just a passive instrument through which all bad decisions flow.  He's not responsible.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at