Three cheers for Sarah Sanders

One has to almost like punishment to face the White House Press Corps these days.  Ever since President Trump was inaugurated, this 100% liberal Democrat murder of crows sits there each day and harasses Sean Spicer, or, as in the last few days, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Spicer has toughened up since his early days, but Sanders, who is temporarily replacing him as he serves his Naval Reserve duty, is a born natural.  Like her father, former governor Mike Huckabee, she has the gift of strong, plain language, and she is quick on the draw.  How anyone endures the tedium of this press corps is a mystery, but she seems to revel at the opportunity to push back.

These "reporters" are generally obsessed with insignificant details like the "three times Comey told Trump he was not the subject of an investigation."  They want to know every minute bit of information about "those three times"; what was the "process," where was Trump when Comey told him this?  Dinner where?  Who arranged it?  Phone call?  Who called whom?  Etc.  It is truly mind-numbing and, most of all, completely irrelevant.  What on Earth makes these pseudo-journalists think anyone cares about these bits of inconsequential nonsense?  Lester Holt has made a complete fool of himself with this same kind of badgering on a network stage.  He is probably so proud of himself.  To those of us outside the media-Beltway, he's a joke – an arrogant, pushy, rude, and petty joke.

These people do this because they live for the moment the person at the podium slips.  They ask the same questions over and over and over again in the apparent belief that if they ask often enough, at some point, they will get the answer they want.  Each wants to be the person who trips up the press secretary and becomes the story himself for the next twenty-four hours.  The whole routine is pathetic.  Not only does it betray the wholesale lack of critical thinking among these privileged press folk, but it illustrates their absolute hollowness.  They are hollow to their core.  They care not one bit about the country, the Constitution, the incalculable damage done to the nation by Obamacare, the debt incurred by the Obama administration's profligate spending, the racial animus Obama promulgated, the absolute gibberish that passes for a university education, the horrific danger Obama has engendered with his Iran deal, etc.  No.  Our White House press corps cares about none of these things.  These reporters care about one thing only: taking Trump down.

Here's the thing, though.  The more they demonstrate their vacuity, self-love, and elitism, their absolute disdain for Trump and his supporters, the more the rest of us love the guy, even those of us who initially may have thought his candidacy a prank.  The more they demean themselves in their oh, so feeble attempts to wring a headline out of the press secretary, the more we root for the person at the podium to put them in their place.  Sarah Sanders has done just that these past two days.  She is a keeper. 

Will the press corps ever learn?  Doubtful.  They have been carefully taught that they are special, that their "job," in the words of Mika Brzezinski, is to tell us how to think!  They are so thoroughly convinced of their own righteous power, they actually believe we pay attention to them.  Even after Trump's victory!  Go figure.