They want to kill us all

What more do we need to know about these people?  Can their intentions be more clear?  What else do they have to do?  Blow up teen girls at a pop concert?

As Roger Simon wrote:     

If you think what happened in Blighty can't happen here – 19 killed, 59 injured – you'll  have to excuse me if I say "You're out of your bloomin' mind." Did you already forget 9/11/2001?  Or the Boston Marathon? Or San Bernardino? Or the Orlando gay bar attack less than a year ago that killed 49?

Oh, yeah.  Seems so long ago, doesn't it, even that last one? The "new normal."  We put these things out of our minds the week after to deal with the next trivial Washington scandal or go about our petty lives.  

Our culture lives in a self-destructive willful blindness, refusing to see the obvious even though it happens again and again across the globe.  

Radical Islam, Islamism, or whatever you want to call it has been at war with us since the Twin Towers came down and even well before.  And they have no intention whatsoever of stopping.

Nevertheless we respond in the most perfunctory manner, nattering on about how Islam is a"religion of peace," criticizing ourselves and others for "Islamophbia," or dismissing it all as a police matter.

My guess is that we will react decisively in the US.  We've had a much more realistic view of terrorism over here.  As a last resort, we believe in self defense and allow some citizens to carry guns and serve as a line of protection.

I'm not optimistic about Europe.  For example, Salman Abedi, the alleged terrorist, was known to British authorities prior to the attack.  I wonder how that makes any parent feel about the next concert that their teens want to go to.  Or the next time there is a big soccer event.  In other words, would you attend a concert in the U.K. any time soon knowing that  people under the eye of the police will join you for the proceedings?

Most of all, it makes President Trump's realism about terrorism and uncontrolled immigration really stand out.

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