The stupidest thing Nancy Pelosi has ever said?

I realize that there is a lot of competition for the crown, but Nancy Pelosi late this week uttered what has to be the stupidest critique of President Trump’s triumphant overseas trip. Keep in mind that in her entire political career, the most famous thing Nancy Pelosi is known for saying is “You have to pass it to see what is in it,” about Obamacare. Those words are not likely to appear on her tombstone, but even the New York Times will have to include it in her obituary.

Still, that observation was at least accurate. And it expressed the contempt for the public inherent in the imposition of a mystery plan for one sixth of the economy. What Pelosi said on Thursday, criticizing President Trump for not visiting countries in alphabetical order, is absolutely mind-boggling.

Don’t believe me?


I rest my case.

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