The leftist-media parallax view

parallax - noun

... the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions, e.g., through the viewfinder and the lens of a camera.

There are decidedly two different views of President Trump among Americans.  There are the media, who hate, loathe, despise, and abhor the man and have decided that they will bring him down by any means necessary.  And there are his supporters throughout the country, the voters who elected him and, after the ridiculous proverbial hundred days, still support him, love him, and are proud of what he has accomplished so far in the face of monumental opposition, even within his own party.   

Trump supporters long ago dismissed the Democrats in Congress as the shameless "resisters" they are so proud of being, but they are equally furious with the Republicans in Congress, not with Trump.  They can easily see that the Republicans are slow-walking "repeal and replace" and the border wall in an attempt to prevent either from happening.  Their tactics are not hurting Trump; they are making the conservatives who voted for Trump incandescently furious at Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the pro-Obamacare Republicans. 

The media, on the other hand, think they are winning their campaign of personal destruction.  Maxine Waters, for example, actually believes she and her colleagues are going to successfully impeach Trump.  For what is not clear.  The mainstream media are also confident that they can orchestrate Trump's downfall as they did Nixon's.  So assured of their own power over the people, they shamelessly reveled in their convictions at their silly WHCA (nearly 100% of whom are Democrats) dinner.

These anti-Trump Dems are so deluded, so blinded by their hatred of the man, so seduced by the carefully calculated polls that under-report Trump's approval, that they plow ahead like the bullies they are, savaging anything and everything Trump says or does.  They never tire of demeaning his supporters as idiots, rubes, and ignorant slobs.  The constant parade of these moonbats on CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox becomes ever more execrable by the day.  

This is exactly who the American left is today.  They are elitist snobs who feel righteously privileged to denigrate anyone whose views are "incorrect" in reliable statist fashion.  They long ago took control of our universities to the point that college students today are mostly well prepared  snowflake patsies for the premeditated indoctrination to come.  They are primed and thus willing supplicants.

The parallax is the disconnect between what the leftist media see and what is true.  As Bret Stephens pointed out in his very moderate but instantly controversial New York Times debut op-ed column on climate change and the rigidity of its activists, it is the same sort of disconnect that led Hillary supporters to believe with certainty that she was going to win the election in a landslide.  Despite their misguided reliance on the "data," she lost badly – but the media still believe they have and deserve their power to shape the national narrative.  As Conrad Black pointed out, though, Rush Limbaugh has five times as many listeners as the NYT has readers.  They've already lost their capacity to influence most of us.

The 1974 film The Parallax View tells the story of a secret organization that recruits and trains political assassins.  They kill their targets and then cover up their crimes.  They then carefully mastermind a different account of the victim's death and control the "investigations" that prove their alternate fake version.  The media sell the fake story to the public, which of course buys it. 

Our present-day media are determined to convince the public that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the election.  All but the dimmest libs know that this is not true.  In spite of all the evidence that there is no evidence, John Dickerson (of Face the Nation) kept badgering Trump about his "unfounded charges that Obama surveilled him."  They will try to convince the public that Trump's tax reform bill amounts to "tax cuts for the rich."  That is what they always do when Republicans propose tax cuts.  Our media have been hard at work on their tall tale that Trump's proposed immigration policy is racist when it is obviously a national security issue.

This MSM bunch have a worldview that is so skewed to the far left, and they are so used to constructing false narratives like the Parallax Corporation of the film that they cannot see reality when it is all around them.  Look no farther than Jeff Mason's comments on Tucker Carlson's program Monday night, regarding his role as president of the White House Correspondents Association.  Stunning denial of the obvious parallax view.