The Democrats' Big Bernie Sanders problem

The press often harps about Republican woes as a party, but has anyone taken a look at the problem the Democrats have?  Fresh from getting caught red-handed rigging the primaries against one of their own via WikiLeaks, they're still at it, trying to undercut Bernie Sanders.  The only mystery is why Sanders stands for it.

According to a report in the New York Observer, the Democrat establishment remains terrified of self-identified socialist Bernie Sanders and is still out to get him.

The Observer call him a "progressive," but all of these people call themselves that, including Hillary Clinton.  What we have here is a trendy socialist populist still claiming to stand for the woikin' man on the Sanders side, and a group of elitist special-class crony pork-barrel-shoveling Chicago-style machine Democrats who make no bones about buying votes for bags of beans on the other.  Neither of these sides can ever produce prosperity because they both oppose free markets.  But the Sandersites claim they stand for the little guy.  The Clintonistas on the other side don't even pretend to care for that; they stand for identity politics.  Predictably, they make most of their arguments to voters based on hatred of Donald Trump.

Sanders's chief weakness is his self-righteousness, which enrages the mammon-corrupted Democrat establishment, according to WikiLeaks.  Self-righteousness feeds on itself and that's why radical movements always splinter.  If the Bernies are already inclined to splinter and the Democrats are doggedly determined to undercut Bernie, well, it seems that Democrats have a problem – and a very big reason to fear Sanders.

And considering the ages of these two sides, as still the only Democratic figures with the heft to enter the next election, it shows what a bankrupt group they are overall.

But the Clintonista establishment Democrats' fears of a Bernie Planet are worth looking into if for no other reason than that they expose the venality of the Democrats.

Right now, it's not just Sanders making noises about another presidential run.  It's also Hillary.  The prospect of a rematch in the wake of the last electoral disaster for Democrats looks like a second disaster in the making.

The Democrat establishment needs Hillary Clinton to run again, despite her liabilities to voters.  Clinton herself does, too, and for the most Clintonian of reasons: she needs to continue to sell access to power, and that means efforts to keep money rolling into the Clinton Foundation.  Why does she need that?  To ensure that her so-called loyalists – the Sid Blumenthals, the Huma Abedins, the people closest to her closed off inner circle, stay paid and stay loyal.  If they need money, it's not a good thing for her.  Shark-like, she has to keep fundraising to stay alive.  The people around her know things that could ruin her.  That is the root of the Democratic establishment's rationale for attempting to tamp down the Bernie Sanders insurgency, pulling any dirty trick they can to stop him, by any means necessary.

The losers in this are the grassroots Democrats who get the message that there is no changing the system, and they have no voice even as a group to get the representation they want.  Their insurgency is being increasingly vilified by the establishment.  In any other grouping, such as business, fresh faces, fresh ideas, and fresh organizations would be a welcome sign of dynamism.  Democrats, on the other hand, view it as a threat.

What does that say about the scope of their problems?  Republicans in the Trump camp should recognize this dynamic from their own experience and do everything they can to drive that wedge further.

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