The Brits finally say 'no' to EU shakedown

It's the oldest European game on the books: The Exit Shakedown.

Anytime someone wants out of Europe's smothering embrace, a huge indemnity is demanded. It happened in Haiti, in 1825, when France demanded the equivalent of $40 billion from dirt-poor Haiti to pay back France's plantation slave owners upset about losing their 'property' after Haiti's slaves revolted and declared independence from France in 1804 - in exchange for diplomatic recognition. The massive indemnification was one reason why Haiti stayed poor while its neighbors were able to progress.

The Treaty of Versailles, which paved the way for Nazi Germany, is arguably another.

Now, the European Union wants $100 billion from Britain in exchange for its 'right' to leave that hellhole union. File under 'unclear on the concept.'

The reality is, exit means asserting one's independence. The EU wants that massive shakedown cash not only to finance its floundering tax-and-spend empire, but to send a message to Britain that it really can't declare independence or be independent without Europe.

Well, yes it can.

We don’t need to just look like we can walk away, we need to be able to walk away'

said Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Presumably, Britain has gone along with it up until now, because it's full of squishy Tory Wets (as Lady Thatcher called them) of uncertain commitment to Brexit, and because it wants to preserve its trade relationships with the continent.

The reality is, it's not worth losing independence over. With nation after nation knocking down Britain's door in search of new trade treaties, Britain doesn't need these greedy Eurochickens, so masterful in their rent-seeking, to drain massive resources from the country. Britain has been carrying Europe's water for a long time, putting way more in resources than it got in return, which fuelled the entire Brexit sentiment.

The latest news is that Britain has put its foot down and just said no to EU demands for a spare $100 bil.

It was the right thing to do. Independence means independence. Britain will not become the next Haiti. And Brexit means Brexit. Britain is right to just walk off and let them howl..

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