Taxpayers forced to cover legal costs for illegal aliens

Sanctuary cities have all sorts of ways to reward criminality and punish tax-paying citizens. Most recently, Sacramento has joined other cities in using tax dollars to fund legal fees for illegal aliens. Fox News reports: Sacramento became the latest city this week to go above and beyond ‘sanctuary’ policies by approving the use of taxpayer dollars to support the legal defense of illegal immigrants facing deportation. [snip] The plan, backed by the mayor, fits a trend of local and state lawmakers taking similar action. As the Trump administration separately faces a court setback in its bid to cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities, those jurisdictions are only doubling down.  Sacramento isn’t the first city to institute this new level of lawless madness. Earlier in the week, officials in Michigan's Washtenaw County gave initial approval to pay such legal bills with taxpayer funds. Proposals to directly or indirectly pay for legal...(Read Full Post)