Stephen Hawking is a genius, when it comes to scamming people

You have to admire genius. The global warming crowd has been getting rich predicting that the world will end in the distant future in a dramatic fashion. We can never prove them wrong because their predictions are slated to occur far in the future. But before global warming hoaxes, there was Stephen Hawking. Hawking got rich initially not by predicting the future but laying out a story of the distant past. He wrote a best selling book, "A Brief History of Time," describing how the universe was created. Now, Stephen Hawking has absolutely no idea how the universe was created. He can't. He wasn't there. So he made up a story about it and everyone calls him a genius. He's a genius because his theory about the creation of the universe can never be disproved. Now that's smart--writing "scientifically" about a subject where your "research" can never, ever be crosschecked. Having milked the past for all its worth, Hawking wants to cash in...(Read Full Post)