Someone should tell Comey he is not God

There is a disconnect between the sentient and the self-unaware characterizing most Senate hearings these days – like the one held on Tuesday.

On that day, FBI head James Comey was questioned about several issues.  The ancient Dems want to force him to admit that Trump colluded with "the Russians" to influence the election.  Comey would not.  The Pubs want him to admit that Hilary Clinton is guilty of numerous crimes regarding her off-the-books email server and reckless handling of national security material.  He would not, even though he did in July.  It is pretty clear by now that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  There is copious evidence that HRC is guilty of far too many crimes to list, with certain and obvious intent to deceive.  Comey gave her a seriously undeserved pass for her crimes in July and again in October. 

Why did he do this?  What level of malfeasance is at work in our federal government?  Hard to know.  The IRS's Lois Lerner is not in jail.  IRS head Koskinen still has his job.  And Comey still has his job!  Hillary is not in jail; she is out and about, blaming everyone but herself for her election loss.

There is a pattern here: crime pays.

We may never know why Comey did not refer Clinton to the DOJ for charges. We do know that Clinton believed herself to be so above the law that she did not comply with the laws and rules she instructed her State Department staff to obey, national security be damned.  Her greed surpassed all other motivations.  About the country, she cared not a whit.  She is a Clinton – the Arkansas mafia; the head of the Democratic Party; the legitimate, in her view, president of the United States.  And now she is part of the "resistance."  "Resist, insist, persist, enlist."  Her new slogan is about as clever as "I'm with her."

The most apparent reason Comey did not refer Clinton for charges at the DOJ is that he knew that Loretta Lynch would refuse to take action.  Clearly, he is a conflicted man.  But he is also guilty of interfering – not in an election, but in the  criminal  investigation of serious crimes.  He came down on the side of the criminal, Hillary Clinton.  He "knows" that Putin hated Hillary, and he somehow "knows" she had no intent to break any of the laws she clearly broke.  He must be omniscient to know these things.

Comey's "performance" before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday was a frightening sham.  Every one of his responses to  the questions posed to him were  either ambiguous or a declination.  He defended his actions at every turn as legally and morally sound.  He not only wants it both ways, but wants it every way.

Joe DeGenova thinks Comey should have been fired that day in July when he held a press conference, outlined Ms. Clinton's many violations of federal law, and then absolved her for "lack of intent."  She was clearly guilty.  Comey knew she was guilty and dishonored himself by letting her off the hook.

Comey will never recover his reputation after his abject capitulation to Obama and the Clintons, not to mention his ridiculous and specious persecution of Trump – that dossier that had been commissioned by a Jeb Bush supporter for which Comey was about to pay $50K.  He is not trustworthy, and he is not God.  He needs to go.